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Finding Reliable Eye Makeup Products

44 views |22 August / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by Michael Piepers, N/A

However, when it comes to intense makeover or heavy makeup you need to choose unique products that can not only make your eyes naturally beautiful but also provide you with a safe and lasting makeover. In th ...

Things You Will Only Relate To If You Love Makeup

54 views |24 July / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by Ammar Shaikh, N/A

The world is divided into two categories Those who love makeup Those who love makeup more than anything in the world As for others in the context of makeup, well, the ...

5 Steps To Increasing Your Salon Client Base

79 views |13 July / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by Personal Beauty & Wellness, N/A

According to, most beauty salons only keep about 33% of new clients. That’s 67% that will never return for that s ...

How Online Booking Is Changing The Face Of Beauty

84 views |4 July / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by Personal Beauty & Wellness, N/A

According to a study conducted in 2015 by online marketing firm Yodle, 60 percent of people surveyed wanted their local businesses to provide online booking. And one-third of customers said that online booki ...

Know About The Perfect Way Of Applying Eye Mascara

201 views |4 July / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by Sarah Smith, C+

With a lot riding on how your eyes appear, it is important that you learn of the ideal way to apply mascara. It really does not take a lot of time. But, it can transform you in minutes and fetch you a ravish ...

Products You Need To Try Before You Buy

72 views |10 June / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by Janto Cosmetics, N/A

We all love our skin. However, while maintaining our skin it becomes difficult to take the decision and choose the right body care products. In such situations, asking for a free sample of the body care prod ...

Why We Love Teeth Whitening

82 views |19 May / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by David Hurst, C-

But your teeth might be making your smile less-than-dazzling. Teeth whitening i ...

Everything You Need to Know About Microblading Your Eyebrows

102 views |18 April / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by Irina chen, N/A

There are several methods of eyebrow enhancement that currently are used in the beauty industry. If someone isn’t happy with the way their eyebrows look, with today’s methods and techniques there are way ...

Makeup VS Semi-permanent Makeup

236 views |21 March / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by Amy Levy, C

Makeup When you have a party to attend, remember the time you have to spend in front of a mirror to make yourself look perfect? That is not only a hassle, but also time consuming. Mo ...

What is Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo or 3D Eyebrows?

173 views |10 February / 2017, Beauty/Cosmetics by SEO Bibek, N/A

Have you heard about the new eyebrow embroidery technique, now available in NYC for women with thin eyebrows? Brow thinness is an issue that many older women and young ladies struggle with, including those w ...

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