Simple Tips To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Do you want to know how you can make the perfume last more than it usually does without altering its fragrance?

After spending a fortune on perfume bottles, it is normal for someone to expect it to last longer. A very good quality international brand perfume for men and women can give all day freshness but there are times when it fails to do so. Carrying a bulky bottle around when you have to stay outdoors most of the time can be quite tedious. For such perfume lovers, here are some perfume hacks that will make that scent last longer with a very prominent fragrance.

Apply after taking bath:

Perfumes can last longer on clean fresh skin as compared to dull and dirty skin. It is suggested that you should spray perfume directly after taking bath and applying moisturiser (unscented). Pores of our body are open, and clean which makes it easier for them to absorb perfume properly. Scents applied on clean skin smells good too.

Moisturise skin:

Dry skin cannot retain the fragrance for a very long time. It evaporates very quickly and easily. Give perfume something to stick on to such as a layer of moisturiser or Vaseline. Rubbing Vaseline on your pulse points, before spraying perfume over there is the best trick to enhance its longevity.

Use unscented body lotion/creams:

Perfumes have tendency of mixing with every fragrance present on your body or pheromones. To make your perfume stand out without altering its fragrance, try to use unscented body lotions and creams, before spraying on perfume. Unlike other moisturisers, Vaseline does not have a smell, hence will not affect the scent of your perfume.

Store it well:

Never store perfumes in warm damp places such as bathrooms. The warmth around the Perfume Bottle can affect the fragrance degrading it. A little discoloration can also occur if perfume is kept in warm place for a very long time. Store perfume bottles in cool dry places.

Focus on Pulse points:

Perfume should always be applied on the pulse points and nowhere else. Pulse points on body are warmer as compared to other body parts, hence help the perfume in diffusing properly and evenly. Pulse points such as neck, wrist, inside of your elbow, below midriff, behind your knees, on your calves and ankles should be focussed.

Understand the type of fragrance:

Before investing in a super expensive perfume, try to learn about the perfume basics such as types. Certain types of perfumes can evaporate very quickly even if it is of high quality and cost. EDP or eau de parfum contains higher fragrance concentration and lasts longer, while EDC or eau de cologne has the least amount of fragrance concentration and can evaporate in couple of hours.

Investing in the right perfume type and using it appropriately can enhance your fragrance experience.

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