6 Stunning Summer Scents For Men!

“I hate the scent of men’s cologne!” Said no woman ever!

“I hate the scent of men’s cologne!” Said no woman ever!

The perfect marriage between a man’s natural scent and cologne can make for a delightful and often times seductive aroma. Since the summer is almost in full swing, it’s time to switch out your cologne and shop for a signature summer fragrance! Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

1.Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

This fragrance is sure to make a lasting impression on everyone around you, male or female. The notes of the fragrance work in a harmonious blend that lingers in a space long after you’ve left it.

2.Neroli Portofino Eau Fraiche Body Splash by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is known for their sophisticated products and already has somewhat of a cult following. Their fragrance, Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford is no different. It is light and airy citrus driven scent is subtle and perfect for work during the summer.

3.Davidoff Cool Water Pure Pacific

This iconic and aquatic scent has been revamped for the cool and timeless man to enjoy. They have added the citrus notes, lemon, mandarin, and grapefruit, which complement the aroma of the original scent very well. This scent is sure to have everyone asking what you’re wearing!

4.Burberry brit summer edition for men

If you aren’t a citrus kind of guy, then opt for a slightly warmer scent. Burberry has the gift of elevating a naturally warm scent and making it work for summer. The versatile creamy vanilla scent contains notes of rose that will grab the attention of the ladies. It also works for both day and night!

5.Eau de Lacoste Men’s L12 Yellow by Lacoste

Lacoste is a summer staple! People recognize this brand for its bright and spritely colors. This scent is no different! The uplifting aroma of grapefruit and cypress will have you in a good mood all day. It may even rub off on everyone around you.

6.El by Arquiste

This scent is likened to a dreamy night at the beach! It’s seductive, sophisticated, and intoxicating. Darker scents are blended to make for a stunning night time fragrance that will keep your date intrigued for the entire night!

Any one of these fragrances could be a welcomed addition to your arsenal. You can start with these suggestions and find your signature summer fragrance in no time!

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