Is Clip In Hair Extensions Your Favourite?

Irrespective of having a long hair or just want to have a good looking hair one should be careful

Irrespective of having a long hair or just want to have a good looking hair one should be careful

Whether you want to get super long lengths or you just want to add a little va va voom to your hair making the right choice and choosing the best hair extensions is the hardest part of getting them

Whether you are looking for a clip in hair extensions or a more permanent option of something like tape in hair extensions you need to weigh all of your options carefully to make the right personal choice for you. What works for one person might not necessarily work for everyone else. Hair extensions are a very personal choice and everywhere you look, you see women wearing hair extensions, from Kim Kardashian to the woman who works in Sainsburys. You need to choose the best hair extension for you, here are some of your options...

First off there are clip in hair extensions. Now clip ins are amazing and super easy to use. They are perfect for the committed shy kind of woman. They can be easily applied when you fancy having long hair or if you have a special occasion coming up and fancy a bit of a short term change these will work great for you.

Clip in hair extensions can come in many different forms with many different options. When researching hair extensions you will definitely come across through clip in hair extensions with many different pieces. There can be a clip in that only has one piece to apply and then in contrast you can come across through clip ins that have 10 pieces to apply. Crazy I know.

You need to decide on how much hair you want in your head. If you are hoping to add a lot of length to your hair I would definitely recommend getting clip in hair extension that weigh more. For example you could get a clip in that could weigh 100g or one that weighs 180g. The 100g one would probably be more suited to just adding a little volume. 150g + would be better for adding length.

To apply clip ins are much easier, you simply section your hair, clip the top half up, clip in to place the hair extensions and then let down the top layer of hair. Yes, it is that easy.

Then there are tape in hair extensions. I would say that tape in hair extensions are relatively new to the market but just because they are newer doesn’t mean you should underestimate them. They are becoming so popular because they are super speedy to apply. You can have a full head of tapes applied in just 30 minutes. It could literally be a lunch time hair transformation! The tape in hair extensions can usually last around 8 to 10 weeks. When you have had them in for this amount of time all you need to do is go back to your chosen salon and have them removed, re taped and then re applied. Yes, it is indeed that simple. The tape in hair extensions are reusable and you can on an average manage to re tape the hair 3 times. This makes tape in hair extension very good value for money.

Finally, there is the pre bonded method. This hair has a small keratin bond on the top that usually gets melted in to your hair. These type of extensions can be slightly more time consuming to apply and can take 2+ hours to apply. The Hours could really rack too if you are having a lot of hair applied and it is not unheard for people to be sitting in the hair extension chair for 5 plus hours.

Pre bonded hair is not usually reusable so each time you remove them you need to buy a new lot of hair. On the plus side the hair stays in your head for around 12 weeks and usually needs a minimal amount of maintenance which is always a good news.

One factor that everyone is interested in no matter what type of hair extensions you choose is the cost. Cost can vary greatly. But a rule of thumb is pre bonded and tape in hair extensions prices can start from around £300. This tends to be a bespoke service as no one head of hair is same so the hair extensionist will need to look at your hair and price them accordingly.

Clip in extensions can usually start from £100 and pricing can go up to several hundred pounds depending on the type of hair you have decided upon and the weight of the clip in.

Louise Bailey is one of the specialist hair extensionist in the UK.  She specialises in bonded as well as tape hair extensions. One can get the best hair extensions done from her.  She uses different varieties of hair from around the world.

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