18 Tips On How To Care For Your Hair Extensions

Taking care of your hair extensions is important if you want to retain your glamorous look a little longer.

  1. Brush those extensions. Brushing your hair extensions should be as often as you brush your teeth. Use the proper tools when brushing them such as a soft bristle brush. Start from the tips of your hair moving your way upwards. That way you detangle the ends without causing much damage.
  2. Scrub the extensions with care. The hair extensions will not get as dirty as your natural hair but that doesn’t excuse you from washing them often. It is crucial you keep them squeaky clean. Detangle the hair locks before you give it a good shampooing. Wet them using a downward motion then use a wide-tooth comb if they get tied up in a knot.
  3. Use a conditioner like a pro. A nourishing leave-in conditioner is the best thing to use for your temporary hair locks. It is usually sprayed on or worked into the hair using the fingers. Then brush the hair to detangle and leave it to dry.
  4. Allow the extensions to air dry. This could be a bit difficult if you are using non-removable extensions. Just make it a habit to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual so that you can air dry your extensions the natural way. It will save you time and effort in detangling them in the morning if you to go sleep with wet hair.
  5. Blow dry extensions with care. When blow drying your extensions, set it to low heat and work on the bonds and hair surrounding the extensions before styling the rest of your hair.
  6. Take it easy on hair extensions. – Overstressed hair surrounding the extensions will not help in its maintenance. Keep your hair healthy to prevent it from degrading.
  7. Keep in its proper storage. – When you are not using the clip-ins, quick weaves and wigs, store them in their proper storage to extend its life and usability. Detangle, dry, clean and condition before packing them away in an air-tight container.
  8. Tie them locks. – If you can’t remove the extensions before you go to sleep, you can sweep back your hair into a ponytail. It helps avoid tangles and creases. It also limits getting to much sweat into your hair.
  9. Protect your locks with a swimming cap. – Hair extensions can get destroyed if exposed to too much chlorine in a swimming pool. Wearing a swim cap helps to keep them protected. It’s not much of a fashion statement but you’d rather wear that than destroy your hair.
  10. Ask for hair information. – To learn more hair extension care tips it won’t hurt to ask around for more information. Asking people’s opinions, reading blogs, consulting a stylist are the best sources for this.
  11. Study your hair extensions.- To know the best way to maintain your extensions is to know what they are made of. You have to study your hair extensions if they are made of real hair or just synthetic. The process of maintaining these hair types are totally different so you have to read up on that.
  12. Respect your hair. – Do not be harsh and pull your hair. You can damage your hair easily by knotting, wringing and pulling it.
  13. No DIY for this hair. – DIY is great but don’t gamble on using these on your hair extensions. You can suffer from hair damage and monetary losses if you attempt to do that.
  14. Tilt back when washing. – If it’s challenging to remove extensions and wash them, then just keep them on your head, tilt back and shampoo. It is a lot easier than piling them on your head and scrubbing.
  15. See the stylist on a regular basis. – The hair stylist provides the best hair care for your hair extensions so see them on a regular basis. You can visit best hair extensions in London every 5 to 7 weeks for hair extension maintenance so you can look great for the next 6 months.
  16. Cover them from direct sunlight. – Hot bonds are not beach friendly so cover up with a hat or bandana when under the sun. You can also avoid direct sun exposure when wearing extensions.
  17. Say no to alcohol. – Alcohol based products have no place with your hair extensions. It will cause dryness, matte it down and create tangles in your hair locks. Failing to completely wash out these alcohol-based products can weaken bonds and cause shedding.
  18. Keep bonds tangle free. – Bonds, either hot or cold, are magnets for tangles. Detangle them once in a while to avoid a hair disaster.

Hair extensions work effectively in transforming your hair into looking new and different. That is why exerting effort in keeping it well maintained is very important. Visit your nearest hair transplant London clinic to get an idea of hair extensions, transplants, and othertreatments.

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