How To Reduce Swelling After Hair Transplant Procedure

Swelling is one of many reactions of getting a hair transplant.

Generally, swelling happens due to the surgical procedure that is undertaken to extract and then harvest the follicles and subsides in about one week. However, the swelling may not reduce in due course, causing infection and discomfort to the patient. To avoid complications resulting from swelling, following steps must be followed. These will not only help in reducing swelling, but also in preventing any further infection and discomfort.

Position of the head

If there is swelling even after one week of hair transplant, then the head must be kept in an elevated position. One may use pillows under the neck to do so. This will not only reduce/prevent swelling, but also prevents in causing any damage to the transplanted hair.


After considering the doctor’s advice, patient must take some medicines that prevent swelling and infection thereafter. Pain relieving drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs can also be consumed after seeking doctor’s advice.

Applying cold compression around the eyes

Swelling caused after hair transplant also affects the eye area. To relive the eyes, cold compression must be applied as they help in constricting the blood vessels near the eye, hence, preventing any swelling affect on the eyes. Everything must be done with care, as too much use of cold compression can also adversely affect the growth of the new hair follicles.

No to too much Physical Activity

Any rigorous physical movement must be prevented by the patient as this enhances the chances of swelling. Sweat at this time can also adversely affect the growth and can lead to any other infection too. Also, lot of physical activity can also cause blood oozing out from harvested as well the donor area.

Be careful of the drugs consumed.

Drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen must not be consumed as they make the blood thin, enhancing the chances of swelling and bursting.

Use of steroids

Minimum use of steroid such as Kenalog, Medrol and Triamcinolone also reduces swelling on the forehead. These steroids are consumed by injecting them into the blood. Other than this, corticosteroids can also be used to minimize swelling. All said and done, steroids, must be used in very less quantity and not regularly.

These tips can be followed if the swelling persist even after one week of hair transplant. You should also read post hair transplant care to our website "Hair Transplant India".

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