12 Reasons Botox Is So Popular

Botox lasts long but not forever

  • No anesthesia needed

Anaesthetics is not needed. All you feel is a tiny prick on your skin from a needle, like an ant bite. Once the skin is sanitized, the tiny needles will inject both the derma filler and muscle relaxant on your face. The concentration will be areas of your face that needs attention like around the lips and eyes. These are small needles that you can tolerate.

  • It only takes a few days to see the results

After 1 to 3 days, you will feel and see the significant results of the botox injections. The results are highly noticeable so expect a shower of compliments at least after 72 hours.

  • Your skin enjoys a younger and smoother appearance

Botox contains botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein produced by bacteria that is extremely poisonous. It is commercially produced for cosmetic, research and medical purposes. It has types A and B. Type A is commonly used in medicine specifically for the treatment of spasms and in relaxing muscles and muscular disorders like Parkinson’s and dystrophy. For cosmetic purposes, botox reduces facial muscles movement. The result is obviously smoother, younger looking skin.

  • The procedure is super-fast

This quick and non-surgical procedure takes 15 minutes application. That will also depend on how much anti-wrinkle injections are needed to remove the wrinkles being treated. After that people feel refreshed, after getting beauty services in St Albans.

  • Put on make-up right away

You just have to wait for an hour and a half to let the medication set in then you can go ahead and apply your make-up. Just remember not to apply too much pressure on the areas that were treated.

  • You can go without the “frozen” look

Some customers want to customise their looks. That can be possible with botox. Some like the “frozen” look which makes it obvious they had facial treatments. Other people want a natural and subtle look. The botox procedure can be tailor fitted according to their preferences.

  • Botox has no recovery time

This non-invasive anti-wrinkle therapy by injection has no recovery time because it’s simply unnecessary. You can even fit the injection treatments into your daily activities so you don’t have to skip work for it.

  • It’s not forever

Botox lasts long but not forever. So if you’re contemplating on getting a botox treatment done out of curiosity, or you have an important event or it’s your wedding day, then you will be happy to know the result is still reversible. Botox results of having smoother and relaxed facial skin on the average will last you for the next 3 or 4 months. To maintain this look, normally patients get their treatments 3 times in a year.

  • You can apply this under the eyes

You want to erase those laughter lines? Botox is the answer to effectively removing fine lines and signs of wrinkles that appear under and around the eye area.

  • It combats the frown lines

Botox is not the solution to static lines, or the permanent wrinkles on the face when it is immobile. It works best on the dynamic lines that appear on the face like when you smile, frown or get surprised. Though it doesn’t work with static lines, it does help in softening its appearance.

  • It’s cheap

Though cosmetic treatments are expensive, botox only charges per area of treatment. For example: people have only 3 areas treated and usually it’s between the forehead, eyebrows and crow’s feet. One area costs £199, for 2 areas £250 and for a full face or 3 areas its £350.

  • It’s tolerable

Be aware about some post-procedure experiences like some bruising along the injection sites that only lasts for a while. Your face feels slack after treatment which only lasts a few hours.

Now that you know all there is about Botox, are you still willing to give it a try? We’ll never know until you’ve done it and until then, if it’s really worth it.

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