Derma roller : A Safe Solution for Scars

As an outcome of the excess collagen, the skin automatically looks plumped up in that area.

What is derma roller treatment?

In this treatment, hundreds of micro-needles that are present on the surface of the roller are utilized to stimulate the surface of the skin. The roller is moved everywhere on the face skin or the influenced area. The needles result in the development of numerous minor injuries on the skin. In order to heal the injuries, the skin starts creating collagen in abundance. So in a way, it is a type of artificially boosting the collagen creation in the skin.

As an outcome of the excess collagen, the skin automatically looks plumped up in that area. This aids in erasing fine lines and filling up scars.

The poking action from the needle also improves the blood circulation in the skin. It makes the skin shiny. The treatment also opens up the pores of the skin to make it more receptive to any product that you apply to it.

How does one use it?

Dermaroller acne treatment can be done in a dermatologist’s office or even at home. The sharp, fine needles need to be moved all over the scar tissue where they break down and stimulate the skin cells to help them multiply and heal themselves. Dermaroller acne treatment is proven to boost collagen and elastin formation by enhancing the blood supply. This device is developed on the standards of neo-collagenesis and neo-angiogenesis, both of which enable the skin to better retain acne skin care products utilized post treatment. In office derma roller for acne treatment is usually done under local anesthesia and makes use of 0.5 to 1.5 mm needles relying on the patient’s needs.

Dermaroller acne scar treatment can even be serenely done at home.Many ladies utilise it for treating wrinkles, stretch marks, birth marks, skin other than for healing their acne and acne scars, pigmentation etc.

Is it safe?

Moving hundreds of pins on the face is a painful procedure. So you need to be tolerant to torment.
Also, there are odds of infection in case you do not disinfect the needles. So always sterilise the needles after use.

The dermaroller treatment has some guidelines which should be taken care of pre and post the procedure. Make sure that you follow them correctly in order to accomplish best outcomes.
Purchase only the best quality of derma rollers since fakes or low quality ones can harm your skin.
Very thick needles can end up harming your skin. So begin from the thinnest and decide your tolerance level. If your skin is hyperactive and breaks out regularly, do not use derma roller as the bacteria from a pimple can spread into the skin and cause harm.

It is always prescribed to not overdo it and do tiny patch tests to see how your skin reacts to the treatment before proceeding full blown.

Benefits of Dermaroller

1. It is a quick treatment which can be done securely at home. In office, you might need a couple of sessions depending on how deep your acne scar tissue is.
2. As compared to other scar treatments, dermaroller for scars is relatively cheaper.
3. Treatment can also help tighten the skin by lessening wrinkles, loose skin overlap and age related issues.
4. Dermaroller acne scar treatment can also help lighten the skin significantly.
5. It can be utilized safely on the face as well as other parts of the body.
6. It helps make acne skin care medication more effective.

If you need any more information about Derma roller or Cost of Acne Scare Treatment in Delhi, you can book your appointment online.

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