List Of Some Chronic Diseases That Plagues The World

The modern world has envisaged the rise of many diseases.

While plagues like small pox that had plagued the world for centuries have diminished in the modern world, with the help of latest technological innovations in the realm of healthcare, many new diseases, which are more complex in nature have taken up the mantle that was earlier occupied by complications that are now eliminated. And unfortunately a lot of these common complications are chronic in nature.

So, let us look into some of these common chronic complications, associated with mankind.

  1. Dementia and Alzheimer Disease- These two interrelated complications associated with the memory of a person, has risen to an alarming level, especially among the middle aged and the elderly people.
  2. Dementia cannot be declared as a specific disease. Rather, it is a general term commonly used for a progressive deterioration and subsequent decline in mental processes of the brain, thereby hindering the normative functioning of the brain. The effects of dementia can largely vary from memory loss to language problems and problem solving. Although common among old people, dementia can affect adults belonging to any age group.
  3. And Alzheimer’s disease is the one type of Dementia. It is the most common form of dementia. It is a neurodegenerative complication, which is progressive in nature and hence it will only get worse over time. It results in behavioral changes, obstructed memory, and disoriented and disordered judgment. It is not a product of aging.
  4. Arthritis- Arthritis is one of the most common chronic diseases. It is closely associated with complications of the joints of the human body, swelling and inflammation of the same. There are different types of arthritis. At least 100 are known. Although it is commonly found in elderly people, it cannot be made certain that it is limited to one age group. In fact arthritis today has also seeped in the middle age groups as well, and irrespective of sex. The usual and the common symptoms of arthritis include stiffness, redness, and decreased mobility of the joints, inflammation, and excessive pain of the joints. The symptoms can be mild, sometimes moderate and sometimes severe. The problem with arthritis is that it is progressive in nature. It means that it will only keep on increasing and the symptoms are likely to get only extreme.
  5. Asthma- Asthma is a chronic lung ailment. It is characterized by the inflammation and narrowing of the airways. It results in a whistling sound while breathing (wheezing), coughing, shortness of breath, and tightening of the chest. The coughing is one of the most common symptoms and results of asthma. It has been observed that the coughing occurs either at night, in the morning or both. Although it affects people from ages it usually starts from the tender days of childhood.

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