Have Ageless Beauty and Health in 4 Easy Steps

Almost everybody has been saying, “40 is the new 20!” or even “50 is the new 20!” but in reality, 50 is just the new 5

Almost everybody has been saying, “40 is the new 20!” or even “50 is the new 20!” but in reality, 50 is just the new 50. As the time old proverb goes, “Age is just a number.” But how do celebrities in their late 40’s achieve ageless beauty through the years?

Alice Dixson, a loud and proud 48-year old posted on her Instagram account a fearless  of her showing all her fine lines and wrinkles. She captioned the photos with, “The flaws of my skin in the. I love it…” Besides that, she along with other ageless beauties Sunshine Cruz and Ina Raymundo are now the new old faces of What more can you ask for? Alice Dixson is beauty and health goals all in one!


But how does a regular person achieve that ageless beauty without all the fancy and expensive treatment. We’re letting you in on 4 easy steps on how to achieve that ageless and timeless beauty.

1. Well-maintained skin care routine

Taking care of your skin is important to reduce fine lines and all the excess dirt and oil built up on the pores. Havinga skin ro is important because with regular maintenance you can in no time. But don’t be so focused only on your face. Always moisturize your whole body to keep skin from drying and flaking.

2. Healthy and proper food intake

More than taking care of your outer beauty, having a regular intake of healthy food helps bring the inner glow to your skin. Although Health Goals says that she doesn’t follow  anymore, and maybe you shouldn’t always too! Find the right food intake you need to get you through the day. Always choose the . And don’t give in to too much cravings!

3. Make time for regular workout and exercise

We’re all really busy with work and social life. But making time to work out and  is important as well! Getting your bones and muscles moving in allcan be great to maintain body health and wellness. This is also a great way to keep up with all your daily activities and not let fat build up. 

4. Take daily vitamins and supplements you need

Although proper food and exercise seems to be enough, having health supplements like regular Vitamin C can really improve the health. There are just some things that we may forget to intake in food or we just don’t get enough of it. One vitamin our body makes and actually needs is glutathione. Studies have shown that low gluta levels show an increase in neurodegenerative diseases.

These are just super simple and easy ways for you to get started on achieving ageless beauty no matter what age. But really, for every age and for every gender we all have the same health tips everyone can follow for a healthy life.It’s just a matter of taking the first step to .

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