Expanding Your Farm? How To Improve Your Transportation Methods

Here are some tips for expanding your small farm.

Farm expansion is a common goal for many farmers. But the process of expanding can be fraught with difficulties and long-term consequences if not done the right way. Many factors need to be considered to ensure your farm expansion will be successful, including how much land you want to cover, how you will get there from your current location, what kind of new land is available for purchase, how much transportation costs may increase and by how much, and more. Here are some of the ways to improve transportation methods to help ease the process:

Farm Trailer

One of the easiest ways to transport your produce to market is to use a farm trailer. Farm trailers are designed specifically for hauling fruits, vegetables, and other types of farming products from the field to the packing shed and then onto the market. They can be pulled by tractors or even pickup trucks, depending on the load size, and they are easy to tow. They are an effective way to move produce around because they are flat-bedded and have easy-to-remove sides that provide ventilation during transportation. They are also very durable and can handle heavy loads, an essential aspect of a good farming trailer.

Farm Vehicles

Leasing or purchasing farm vehicles can help you get your crops to market faster, and it can also help you expand your operation at a lower cost. By using farm vehicles to transport the products from the field to the packing house, you can clear out some space in your current equipment inventory for transporting other goods. Many farmers who lease farm vehicles will outsource transportation services because doing so can save on insurance costs and maintenance and repairs of the vehicles themselves.

Trucks With Custom Fitted Tarps

Although tarps do not make a vehicle road-ready or street-legal, having a truck with a fitted tarp can be very useful for transporting large loads of commodities to market. This allows you to protect your goods from the elements while moving them – oftentimes, it can be less expensive than renting farm vehicles. Custom fitted tarps simplify the process by protecting the goods from dirt, insects, pests, or any other extraneous items that might be in the cargo area of a trailer or truck.

Farm expansion is a complicated but exciting process. It can be stressful if you don't plan for all the contingencies in advance, so it is important to consider all the factors that might affect your new farm location. By considering your transportation needs in advance and planning according to your budget, you'll have a better chance at successful expansion.

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