Seo Trends You Should Know For 2019

The world of SEO is constantly changing – here are the trends you should become familiar with in 2019.

The internet is like a living, breathing animal – it’s always changing and evolving – and Google is no exception. If you or your business use search engine optimisation (SEO), it’s important to keep on top of the ever-fluctuating trends, whether you’re selling affordable SEO packages to your clients or researching what will best help your company’s rankings skyrocket.

If you’re looking for the hottest Google SEO trends of 2019 so far, you need look no further – below are some practices to keep in the forefront of your mind this year.

Create Quality Content

You’d think this one would be obvious but, surprisingly, there are many people who don’t seem to see the worth in good quality content. However, Google definitely does – and you should too. Algorithms are always improving and Google is becoming increasingly able to understand and analyse the quality and relevance of text-based web pages. Therefore, it’s important to create unique, valuable and well-written pieces relevant to your topic if you want Google to see your content as worthwhile.

Top Tip: Make sure not to stuff your texts with key words – if you do, they may be viewed as spam.

We Still Like Links

Despite rumours that link building is dead, backlinks continue to play an important role – which is why the best affordable SEO packages continue to offer that service. The best way to do this (and this is going to sound familiar) is to create quality content that users will enjoy sharing and consuming, and to put your links in it. A good rule of thumb is to only include useful links. Before you add one, ask yourself whether or not putting it on your page will add value for the user.

Viva la Voice

Google has realised that more and more people are utilising voice-controlled web searches, especially the younger population. This skyrockets when it comes to mobile devices, where every fifth search query is made via voice input. With the use of smart home devices and digital assistants on the rise, it’s predicted that the use of the ‘Voice Search’ feature with only increase in 2019.

Top Tip: To ride this technological wave, it’s recommended that you begin focussing more on long tail key phrases, as people are more likely to voice search using full sentences. You can do this by anticipating which questions people will be asking, and creating key phrase-enriched content that answers said questions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to create affordable SEO packages for your clients or are just looking to stay up to date with what’s going on with Google – it’s important to remain in the know about which SEO trends and practices are on the rise. With these tips and tricks under your sleeve, you should be well-equipped to take the world of search engine optimisation by storm in 2019 and beyond.

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Kit Jones is a professional consultant at LeadGeneratorsDigital, a successful online marketing agency focusing on a variety of digital strategies including content and SEO marketing. The agency provides affordable SEO packages for businesses looking to not only boost their Google rankings, but also their conversion rates and the overall quality of their site.

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