Increase Your Rankings With These Free Seo Tools

With the help of these three affordable SEO tools your rankings will be rising in no time.

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to increase your rankings – in fact, sometimes you don’t have to spend anything at all. There are lots of affordable SEO tools out there that can help you do everything from improving your keyword research to discovering who’s back linking to your site. Here are some of our favourite absolutely free tools to help you boost your website’s rankings in Google.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular affordable SEO tools because it’s so versatile – you can apply it to everything from your WordPress account to your Tumblr blog. If you want to know everything that you can about the traffic coming to your webpage, whether that’s what browser your visitors use or what country they’re located in currently, there’s no better tool. With this program, you can:

  • View your site’s live traffic – You’ll be able to see if visitors are on mobile or a desktop, see how many people are on your website in real time, etc.
  • Set personal goals – This can be anything from how many people you want to sign up for your newsletter to how many people you want to visit a particular page on your website.
  • Get audience overview reports – Google Analytics will create reports for you on data such as bounce rates, page views, sessions and average session duration, users and more.

Important to Note: While this affordable SEO tool is free, you will be required to pay for Google Analytics 360 if your website is getting more than ten million hits each month. With this purchase you will receive additional beneficial services such as 24/7 support and Google Drive Integration.


MozBar is an affordable SEO extension that will help you understand other websites as you can use it to get a sneak peek into the site’s structure and the backend of any page. You’ll be able to get information on the following:

  • Link metrics – Including total links, page and domain authorities, external followed links and page load times.
  • On-page elements – Such as the H1 and H2, alt-text, meta keywords, meta description and page title.

Wayback Machine

Of all the affordable SEO tools out there, the Wayback Machine may be the most interesting. It is the internet’s archive, and can show what a website has looked like in the past (it can go back over 15 years) and chart how it has changed and evolved over time. Here are some ways you can use it for search engine optimisation:

  • Links – You can see if links have disappeared.
  • Archive – You can have a look at what your website looked like in the past, which will help you decide if you ever want to return to that version.
  • Tracking – You can see how a website has changed over time, which can give you a deeper look as to why traffic may be fluctuating.

In short, the Wayback Machine will allow you to see how a website has evolved – completely impartially and accurately.

With these three free tools, you can easily work towards boosting your rankings without breaking the bank. Sign up to one today and watch your business go up while your costs go down.

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