Addressing Another Prediction From A Self-proclaimed Internet Marketing Prophet

First it was "Email is dead," now it's "Info products are dead." Here's my take on this.

I just saw this post on Facebook saying,

“Info products are dead! Yes, this is what people in Germany are telling you right now. Everyone goes for HT (high ticket) coaching. What’s your opinion?”

I’m glad you asked my fellow Facebook user.

First of all, let’s first define what an info product is. According to a random website I came across on DuckDuckGo,, this is their definition:

“An information product (or info product) is any digital (I think physical should be included too) product that conveys knowledge or specific information, in the context of educating the user around a certain topic.”

The most common types of info products include:





In my opinion, I think people in Germany are no different than the people who cleverly tried to predict that email is going to die by so-and-so year or copywriters are going to be replaced by AI writing software.

If you really think about it, and speaking from experience, high ticket coaching is similar to info products in the sense that they both teach knowledge. The only difference is having an actual person teaching you and giving you feedback versus self-learning. So I found that Facebook post a bit ironic.

In fact, I can even argue that high ticket coaching can be considered a type of info product too.

But that’s not going to happen today.

The point I really want to make is that info products aren’t going anywhere. Us people love to consume information. We get a good feeling when we learn something new.

Plus, like I mentioned in a previous email I sent out to my list with the subject line, “Why you might as well get used to content creation,” if you’re in a business, there’s no way around creating content.

Info products are always going to be around, but the forms they come in may change over time.

For example,

A few years ago, digital courses were extremely popular. It was almost impossible to find an online business that didn’t sell an online course. Nowadays, I’m seeing more private membership sites and info products contained in mobile apps.

As for me, I’ll be sticking to books for now. I have some extremely rough ideas in the works for other books, but there’s no timeline as to when I’ll start writing and when I plan to release them yet.

For now, you can check out How to Become an Email Titan, the book that teaches my email copywriting methods.

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