Best Way To Start A Calligraphy Business?

Calligraphy is a special or formal style of writing. It is writing in such a beautiful way that it can attract.

Calligraphy is a special style of writing. It is writing in such a beautiful way that it can attract the attention of the reader. Mostly calligraphy is used in the invitation letters like a wedding invitation, party invitation, and special kind of gatherings. People hire skilled calligraphers to get beautiful, stylish writings.

So if you are interested to be a calligrapher and have some of the basic knowledge of calligraphy, you are at the right place. Through this article, you can learn how to start a calligraphy business with simple and easy steps.

Step To Startup A Calligraphy Business

When you are enthusiastic about startup business in the field of calligraphy, you will have to footstep our steps to make your dream true. Starting a calligraphy business is not hard to start, but the easiest way to dive into this field. So let’s get started to explore the ways to start a calligraphy business.

 Having Calligraphic Skills

The first and the most crucial step is having good skills and command over this calligraphy art. Without having skills, it is impossible to start your business. Therefore, you should check either you have all the qualities and skills that a calligrapher needs.

If you have not that much expertise in calligraphy art, you can poolish it through getting classes in calligraphy. There are several institutions that can teach this art of writing. You can join such courses to get a good command. 

Furthermore, you go to youtube to see videos having tutorials of calligraphy learning. By following such steps, you can learn this art.

Calligraphic Tools

The second requirement to start a calligraphy business has calligraphy tools. Don’t worry. There is not such a long list of tools. It is just three or four things you will need.

Calligraphic Pen

The calligraphy pen comes as the priority when we talk about the tools. You will see a variety of calligraphy pens to buy. But we recommend you to get the best pen when you are working as a professional.

You can choose between Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens, Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set, Sakura 8-Piece Pigma Brush Pen Set, which is the most popular brand.

Calligraphy Ink

Calligraphy ink is different from ordinary ink. When you are starting a calligraphy business, the quality of ink should be extraordinary. When you use quality ink, it will look perfect and give an excellent impression to the readers.

Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Ink is well known and most used ink by calligraphers.

Quality Paper

Using quality things for the calligraphy business can give an excellent impression to the clients. When you look out to find the best papers of calligraphy art, you will hear the name of Bristol paper. The paper is much fine, smooth, and bright that gives good impressions for calligraphy work.

Giving Calligraphy Business A Name

Starting a calligraphy business, you should choose the right name so the people can find you out. Every business entity has names, so the same case with it. When you give a calligraphy business a name, make sure it is relevant and indicate your business niche.

Choose A Specific Field

Calligraphy has an extensive range of styles and designs. When you are a startup, just pick up three to five calligraphy designs. So you can master such design and develop a good reputation in the field.

As you have heard that a jack of all trades master of none. The same rule applies here. Therefore be the master in your specific field and build your customers based on that.

Marketing and Advertising

When the business is in the startup and has no customer to serve, marketing and advertising can help. Marketing is a tool to introduce your calligraphy business to the people so they can get your services.

There are many ways to market and advertise your business. The most common methods are social media, tv ads, print media, making youtube channels or social accounts.

Through the help of advertisement, your calligraphy business can grow rapidly, and you can get new customers.

Introducing Packages And Discounts

The thing that can attract the attention of the customer is discounts and sales. Yes, you should do it too. With events, you should launch different deals because people love to enjoy such offers.

Similarly, you should make your packages and categories and give them different names like a gold, silver, platinum, diamond, etc.

By following all the said steps, you can easily start your calligraphy business to generate about $150,000 annually.

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