Exciting Indoor And Outdoor Corporate Retreat Activity Ideas

Fun and relaxing corporate retreat ideas in Devon can play a significant role in enhancing the quality of interaction.

The moment you notice that your employees are coming to work with drooping shoulders and are extremely agitated, it is a clear indication that they are under a lot of stress. If you want your workforce to be at their best and produce their optimum productivity, you need to energise and encourage them. This is where corporate retreats come into play. Corporate retreats are a great opportunity for the employees and senior management of a company to bond. They can participate in fun activities that promote team building and relaxation.

If you have been given the responsibility of planning your company’s retreat, you must see to it that the activities are memorable, productive and most importantly, fun. Take a look below at some fresh and fun corporate retreat ideas.

# Passing the parcel

This is a wonderful indoor activity that can reinforce cross-departmental bonding. You can mix up the departments into different teams and make them sit in a circle to play pass the parcel. In this game, you need to wrap up a prize like, a box of chocolates, and pass the wrapped parcel around whilst upbeat music plays. To make it more exciting, you can add a little twist to this childhood game in the form of a challenge. For instance, the challenge can be about performing or sharing something in front of the entire group. At corporate retreats, this game can act as a wonderful ice breaker and help with cross-departmental and inter-departmental conversations.

# Hide and seek

The countryside of Devon is home to some of the most stunning country houses that can offer you  30 or more rooms. You can utilise these rooms by playing hide and seek. This game is not only fun, but it will also help all the company employees remember each other’s faces and names as the game progresses.

# Musical chairs

If you want to bring out the competitive spirit in your employees, musical chairs makes for one of the most invigorating company retreat ideasinDevon. The aggressive nature of this game is sure to bring out the true colours of the participants as they all fight over the last seat.

# Silly races

Since Devon offers such large, extensive country houses, it would be a shame to let all that space go to waste. You can organise races, such as a leapfrog race, egg and spoon or 3 legged race. These races can be conducted out in the grounds and some fresh air will definitely help to rejuvenate and energise your employees. Also, running and jumping are physical activities that can drive away all the stress and pressures of work.

# Beer pong

What better way to encourage your employees to open up than a glass of beer? Even if there are employees who do not enjoy drinking beer, they are surely going to enjoy playing beer pong. This too is a competitive game that will bring out the best in all of them. This game can either be arranged in the grounds or indoors.

# Bubble football

People running around with an inflatable bubble on them and bouncing off each other is a game that has been all over social media and it does seem like a lot of fun. You can make it more interesting by throwing in a football and a pair of goals. It is a pain-free outdoor activity that will definitely be appreciated by all.

# Recreate school sport’s day

To really motivate all your employees to connect, unwind and have fun, you can recreate a school sport’s day. You can do this by lining up a series of activities and challenges, such as crawling through tunnels, throwing vibrantly coloured balls or bean bags into hoops, playing with parachutes and so on. These activities can be played in groups to help with leadership skills and boost team building.

When organising a company retreat or corporate weekend getaway in one of the plush country houses in Devon, the list of activities that you can arrange is endless. These country houses offer you both indoor and outdoor space.

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