3 Incentives To Becoming A Self-employed Courier

Though working for somebody else has many positives, there are also many benefits to being self-employed. It’s certainly not uncommon for couriers to take the plunge and start running their own service. So, what is it about self-employment that is so attractive?

Perhaps you are ready to say goodbye to strict dress codes, clocking in and out and listening to the same awful radio station day in and day out. Then read on! Today I am giving you three reasons why you might want to consider looking for self-employed courier jobs in the future.

1.    Financial Gain 

It’s all very well talking about spending more time at home with the family, and that is a key motivation for many drivers who become self-employed. However, it also has to be financially viable. The good news is that you could earn as much as 45% more as a self-employed driver than when you are employed by a company.

Even accounting for deductions (now made by your employer), you still come out with a healthy profit. A benefit of running your own business is that many of your expenses can be claimed as tax deductions. Furthermore, you can make the most of your courier jobs by taking up return loads. As your client pays for the whole journey, the profit of extra jobs goes straight into your pocket.

2.    You Can Pick and Choose

Unlike when you're employed, you have total control over which courier jobs you take on. Of course, when you are just starting out you’ll want to take the majority of work offered. But when you have built up a reliable client base, you will have far more flexibility with the courier jobs you undertake. This means that you can refuse difficult clients or long and tough drives. What's more, you can schedule your work around family commitments and make sure that you’re home to put the kids to bed.

Another great aspect of being able to pick and choose is that you can increase the variety of your jobs. You will be able to grow and develop as a driver and as a business person. You can work on increasing your efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and can explore and innovate in a way that's rarely permitted by an employer.

3.    Home Comforts

It may seem counterintuitive, but there are many benefits to running a business from home. Firstly, you get to spend more time at home, and this means more time with your loved ones. Whether you park the van outside your house or nearby, not having to travel to a base depot everyday will cut down on unnecessary time spent on the road, along with saving you money on petrol.

When you run a business from home, a certain proportion of your expenses, such as gas, water, electricity and property tax, may be tax-deductible. It’s always worth investigating where you can save money, especially when you’re managing your own business. If I’ve inspired you to start a new venture where you are the boss, make sure to do your research first!

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Norman Dulwich is a correspondent for Courier Exchange, the world's largest neutral trading hub for same day courier jobs in the express freight exchange industry. Over 5,000 transport exchange businesses are networked together through their website, trading jobs and capacity in a safe 'wholesale' environment.

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