How Apple Pay Could Turn To Cryptocurrencies

Could Apple Pay someday turn to digital currencies?

Could Apple Pay someday turn to digital currencies?

Apple has built its reputation on its ability to make the most of certain ideas, whose potential had not yet been fully exploited.

The Apple brand has been able to successfully capture many concepts: the graphical interface, the mouse, the digital music player or more recently the smartphone.

And for some time, some have fun imagining that Apple could make cryptocurrencies what it has done to smartphones.

The idea that Apple could create its own cryptocurrency is far from certain. However, it is likely that the Apple Pay mobile payment service will one day allow the use of some cryptocurrencies, while the popularity of these seems to grow exponentially.

Welcome to Apple Pay

Apple is introducing Apple Pay as a way for smartphone users to securely pay for purchases from merchants, apps, and the internet. It also allows users to send and receive money through simple messages.

Jonny Evans, from the Computer World site, presents himself as an "Apple Holic". He firmly believes that Apple could one day create its own multinational cryptocurrency.

He stated :

" Apple Pay, it's Apple that puts a foot in the world of cryptocurrencies. "

A difference in size

But there is a noticeable difference between transactions with Apple Pay and those taking place on Blockchain networks.

While cryptocurrency users are anonymous (or rather "pseudonyms"), transactions made by Apple Pay customers can all be linked to the user.

So even if some think that Apple could turn to cryptocurrencies to allow digital transactions, it's a safe bet that the firm could instead favour another form of digital currency, which can remain under its control.

Many payment systems

Some players in the Fintech ecosystem do not see Apple Pay as a threat to crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. Instead, they see Apple's payment system favourably, as it offers one more means of payment to users. Many observers believe that these two payment methods can perfectly co-exist.

For example, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, a company specializing in mobile payment and electronic payment, sees no problem in the multiplication of payment methods available to consumers:

" We are building a solution that allows sellers to accept payments by credit card, cash, check, Bitcoins, etc. We want them to accept any form of payment, even those that have not been invented yet, or those that are expanding like Apple Pay. "

The world of Apple

Since individuals can use Apple Pay in many ways, Jonny Evans sees the solution as a currency that only exists in Apple's ecosystem, "before it can be transformed into something else - a purchase, service, or "real" money on his account. "

He added:

"I think that, consciously or not, Apple is creating a global payment platform. This could evolve into an international virtual currency that will allow iPhone, iPad or Mac owners to buy and exchange products, services, and more.

Given the expansion of crypto-currencies, it would be smarter to rely on their potential than to ignore them. "

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