5 Reasons Your Website Needs An Seo Audit

Have you noticed a recent drop in online traffic for your website?

How can you make sure that a webmaster hasn’t blocked access to some or all the pages on your website? Is your site mobile friendly? An SEO audit can help you find answers to these questions and more. SEO audits help website owners analyze their website and come up with a comprehensive plan to improve search results. Here’s why we think every website needs an SEO audit:

Stay Ahead Of The Curve:

Competitor analysis is a significant component of an SEO audit. If you want to rank higher than your competitors, you should learn how they attract organic traffic. What keywords do they use and how do they implement SEO strategies? Competitor analysis involves researching the competitor’s keywords, learning their monthly search traffic, studying their inbound links, checking for domain authority, and understanding their search traffic value. The idea is to find keywords that perform above average and include them in your content.

Identify and Get Rid of Outdated Content:

A consistent decline in web traffic can be attributed to outdated content. Fresh and user- friendly content is a crucial parameter for quality search engine ranking. An SEO audit will reveal if the quality of your website content is responsible for the loss of traffic. It will also check to see if your website is using the correct keywords.

Easy to Crawl and Index:

Simple issues such as problems with the robots.txt file or an outdated sitemap can cause issues with crawling and indexing. Indexing unimportant archives such as tags, categories, etc. can affect search rankings. Low-quality backlinks can also affect crawling. An SEO audit will reveal if your website is being crawled and properly indexed.

Checking for Accessibility:

Slow page speed, 404 errors, incorrect robots.txt, robots meta tags etc. can make certain pages of the website inaccessible. An SEO audit will reveal accessibility issues and fix errors.

Improve Content:

Recent Google updates have ensured that websites with user-friendly content rank well organically. An SEO audit can determine if your content is optimized for the right keywords and that there are no duplicate content issues, especially for meta titles and descriptions. Sometimes web owners try to rank for the same keyword in different pages – this can also affect search rankings, as Google may recognize only the strongest of these pages.

There are two options for running an SEO audit. You can either have the in-house SEO team to run an audit, or you can hire an SEO expert. While using an in-house can save you time and money, SEO experts are will more likely be equipped with latest SEO techniques, which will offer higher value in the long run.

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