What Next? The Future Of Transport Conference 2018

Anyone involved with courier jobs should consider attending the Future of Transport Conference.

No matter how large or small your transport operation is, the upcoming Future of Transport World Conference is a valuable event. Looking ahead to what’s in store for the transport industry, the conference offers both challenges and inspiration for those businesses looking to take their place among industry leaders in the years to come.

What is the Future of Transport?

This important conference asks the question: “What’s next for the transportation industry?”Amassing an eclectic mix of industry leaders from around the globe, the event will feature presentations from experts in drone transportation, freight and logistics, technology, software, city planning, public transport, automotive manufacture, and more.

There will be a number of streams running across the two days, to help attendees identity the presentations most relevant to their own interests and industry experience. Anyone involved in courier jobs will be particularly interestedinthe Urban Mobility & Smart City stream, which proposes a variety of urban mobility solutions for future megacities.

Also of interest is the Urban Air Mobilitystream. These talks will discuss the radical possibility of using airborne transportation devices to carry both people and cargo around future megacities. Some experts predict that these aerial vehicles will become as popular as cars are today.

The Sustainability in Transportation stream will see more than 30 speakers contribute to a debate on how the energy needs of growing transportation networks will be met as dependence on the internal combustion engine decreases. They will look at how infrastructure will change and ask what more governments can do to promote zero or low-emission behaviours. 

Keynote Speakers

The conference will be jam-packed with impressive speakers, who all have an interesting and valuablecontribution to the future of the transport industry. Speakers such as Vicky Boiten-Lee, the General Manager for Fuel Marketing at Shell, and Adela Spulber, Transportation System Analyst at the Centre for Automotive Research, will be joined by the likes of autonomous systems specialist, Ali Baghchehsara, and Josef Kallo, the Head of Energy Systems Integration at DLR.

With over 200 speakers attending the two-day event, there will be something for everyone - from those interested in the legal implications of autonomous systems to those excited about the possibilities of electric-fuelled courier jobs.One of the key core themes of the conference is Getting Transportation Off the Ground,so attendees can expectplenty of talksaround the potential of airborne transportation systems. For example, experts will be discussing whether airborne autonomous vehicles will replace drivers for courier jobs, and whether trains, buses and cars will soon be a thing of the past.


If you’re as excited as we are about this conference, here’s all the information you need in order to attend.

·         Dates: 19-20th June 2018

·         Location: The conference will take place at the Conference Centre East, Cologne, Germany

·         HowtoBook: To book your place at this event simply visit the webpage – www.thefutureoftransportconference.com – and click Book Now. Book asap to benefit from a discounted early bird conference pass. Early bookings get 10% off the price of a two-day pass. There are also special deals for group bookings.

We’ll see you there!

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