Neagle's Definition Of True Security In My Crooked Version

Let’s go back to the days when I used to religiously listen to the content put out by the great business and mindset coach, David Neagle.

I remember listening to one of his audios.

I forget if it was a podcast episode or one of his recorded seminars.

But that’s not the point.

In one of his recordings, he was talking about the concept of what it truly means to have security.

And I don’t remember exactly what he said either, so what I’m about to tell you is completely off by memory and is going to be extremely paraphrased.

He said,

True security has nothing to do with what you currently have, it’s the fact that you know how to get what it is you have whenever you want.

Or something of that nature.

This applies to multiple aspects of life.

For examples:

Your career.

If you’re working a full-time job, there’s no guarantee that you’ll maintain the position forever. You can lose it at any time, whether it happens by the company going bankrupt, they need to cut down labor costs, or something like COVID happens.

But if you know how to find a new job with relative ease, then getting laid off won’t seem as devastating because you know you can find another job just like that, and relatively quickly if you do things right.

In business.

If you know how to build a profitable business, then it won’t matter if your business goes bankrupt, for whatever reason, today because you have the knowledge and skills to build another one that’s just as, or even more profitable.

However, I admit that I’m not at that level, not yet at least.

But I do know that when it comes to building a business, online or offline, it all starts with building an email list and sending engaging sales emails regularly.

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