“If You Can’t Export Your Info, You Don’t Own It.”

I honestly don’t remember where I heard this from, but it was written down on my long list of email ideas.

But this short quote has to do with where you build your business.

Nowadays, social media marketing is one of the go-to strategies to promote yourself and your business.

Influencers have built a following of hundreds of thousands, even millions of people on platforms like Instagram and TikTok..

Online business owners commonly build their audience on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

But is there any way to export your audience’s data and use it for future marketing purposes?


You can export your own data, but there’s only so much you can do with that.

And if your social media platforms get shut down like Twitter did to the last president, your audience instantly disappears.

If influencers get kicked out of their social media platforms, their careers are instantly over.

If Facebook or YouTube reliant businesses lose their social media accounts, it’s over for them. That’s just it.

You can’t export the information of your YouTube subscribers, your Instagram followers, nor your Facebook followers.

You just can’t move them outside their respective platforms.

That is, not unless you get them onto your email list, which you can export, which means you own the information.

That means you can contact your list whenever you want and sell them useful things that they’d want to buy.

But of course, you gotta do it the right way, which, in my opinion, is the email copywriting method I teach in How to Become an Email Titan.

You can get the sample chapters using the link below.


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