One Of The Most Shocking Deals I Heard A Couple Made

I once met a man.

He was one of the few businessmen I know who reached some level of success in the network marketing industry.

One day, while we were walking home together, he was telling me a story about him and his wife.

He made an interesting deal with her when they started dating.

He told her that if she paid for everything (All the bills on their dates and whatnot), then he’ll return the favor when they get married.

‘Till this day, he’s still married to her and pays for everything. She doesn’t have to spend a single penny of her own hard-earned money.

If you’re wondering why he made that deal with his wife, well then that makes two of us. I don’t know why I didn’t ask him for his reasoning back then, I really should have.

If I were to guess though, it was because he wanted to see how committed she was in the relationship.

And the reason why I say that goes back to the teachings of the great business and mindset coach, David Neagle.

During the summer of 2019, I attended one of his live seminars in Atlanta. He hosted an early morning breakfast Q&A session about a new coaching program he was launching at the time.

One of the attendees asked him,

“Why are the prices of your programs so expensive?”

He was silent for a few seconds and then told her that it shows you have commitment to yourself.

When I heard that, my entire perspective on the idea of buying expensive products and services changed forever.

My book, How to Become an Email Titan, may not be expensive, but it does take a lot of time and practice to master the email copywriting principles I teach in there.

And how much time you put into a skill or craft shows how committed you are just as much.

If you don’t have the time, you always have the option to pay a higher price tag for me to help you with email copywriting, though that service is not currently available.

But for now, you can get the sample chapters of my book using the link below. Read it, and implement.

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