A Client Story

Here’s a little inside look into one of my client projects.

There’s a founder of a Texas-based startup marketing agency who wanted to work with me.

He didn’t need help with any email copywriting though. Instead, he needed someone to help him write up some case studies of some projects he did with his clients.

I told him upfront that writing case studies is not something I’m familiar with, but that didn’t change his mind about working with me.


Fast forward a few days, we had our first call to talk about how we were going to tackle the case studies.

The agency owner came up with the idea of turning the case studies into stories. That way, people are more likely to read them to the end and they won’t feel as bored doing so.

I thought it was a much better idea to do it this way rather than doing it the typical way, which in my opinion, is a bit more boring.

I also thought it was a great idea because I’ve witnessed the power of storytelling in emails at work.

They make your emails much more fun to read, much more engaging, and get your readers coming back to read more.

And if you consistently email, eventually, when the time is right, they’ll read that one email that’ll trigger them to buy your products and services.

If you want to learn more, check out the sample chapters of How to Become an Email Titan.


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