One Of The Most Coldhearted College Professors I Ever Met

Let me tell you about one of the most ruthless college professors I ever had.

He was a coldhearted history professor, and his classes took place in those huge lecture halls.

I’m pretty sure I only saw him smile twice, and there might be a possibility that he hates college students too.

The way he ran his class was pretty straightforward. He would enter the lecture hall, immediately begin his lesson, talk for an hour straight, and leave.

Very rarely would he try to interact with his students. The only ones he would give individual attention to were the students who actively seeked his help and were serious about doing well in his class.

And for the other students that were just trying to get his classes over with, spend their time scrolling through Facebook, or sit in the back of the hall to sleep, he wouldn’t give a damn about.

I remember this one time he put up a film we needed to watch because we were going to be tested on it, and he didn’t like when students left the lecture hall to use the bathroom or do whatever business they had to do.

So when a group of students all got up and left at once, he closed the door locking the students out of the hall.

Back then, I thought that was disrespectful of him to do.

But thinking about it now, it was a somewhat understandable act. My guess is, he saw students leaving as a sign of disrespect. And if they didn’t care about the class, why should he care?

But when it came to interacting with the serious students, he gave them his undivided attention, made sure they fully understood the class materials, and even smiled at them.

And I think that’s a great way to approach your audience too.

Give your valuable time and attention to your most serious customers and clients. Treat them as best as you can.

As for the people who don’t respect your business, your boundaries, the people who talk badly about you, the people who stick around only because they’re hoping to get free stuff, pay no attention to them. The only time you should pay attention is when you tell them to go away.

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