It Must Be Nice To Be A Technology Entrepreneur

It must be really nice to have the ability to build whatever software you need for your business.

One of the great benefits that technology entrepreneurs have is their ability to create any kind of software they want.

They can create their own mobile app.

If they’re sick of the giant social media platforms, they can start their own platform.

They can start their own hosting service, website builder, landing page and sales funnel builder.

Not to mention their own email marketing and CRM softwares too.

Basically, any tool that you would use to run an online business, they can create.

I met someone from a networking event two years ago who did just that. A very smart and hardworking businessman who created his own business using his self-created softwares.

In my eyes, that’s a whole ‘nother level of creating your own walled garden. He can do and say what he wants without worrying about getting banned.

And while you don’t have exactly that degree of freedom when you send out emails because the email marketing softwares do have the right to ban you (Like Mailchimp, for example, for banning users who send out emails that contain links to news that goes against their political beliefs), you still have more freedom with emails than on social media platforms.

And you can arguably make more money from sending emails too.

Which you can learn how to do using the information taught in How to Become an Email Titan.

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