Words Of Wisdom From The Self-proclaimed Fastest Burger King Employee

A glimpse into the days of my first job.

Let’s travel back once again to the days when I worked my first job at Burger King.

I vividly remember my second day at work.

It was a Saturday afternoon, which meant it was rush hour.

Lines were long, orders were flooding in, everybody in the kitchen was running around (Not literally), and cashiers in the front were demanding the customers’ food.

And as an inexperienced worker being thrown into the rush hour fire, I was struggling to keep up.

I remember the general manager asked for “a classic.”

“A classic? What’s a classic?!” I thought.

Turns out “a classic” is that crispy chicken sandwich from the dollar menu, but I found out the hard way because it didn’t take long before he lost his patience, walked to my station and made the sandwich himself.

“Come on, you’re too slow,” he complained.

Looking back now, no sh*t I was slow. At that time, I only had five hours worth of experience. What did he expect from me?

Anyways, that moment did nothing but made me work harder. By the time I quit, I was known as one of the fastest workers in the kitchen.


I created and perfected my own efficient workflow that allowed me to multitask seamlessly.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking it took a couple of days to get to that level of efficiency. It took months of experimenting and practice.

And this attitude to achieve your most efficient workflow is a nice things to bring into your business too because as people say in the business community,

“Money is attracted to speed.”

Plus if you use the email copywriting methods I teach in How to Become an Email Titan, then you’re going to have one happy bank account.


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