The Things That Men Do That'll Get Them No 'Action'

If you have this one trait, you'll inevitably fail in both dating and business.

Buzzfeed cranks out some pretty entertaining content.

I found this one particular article that I had fun reading. It was called,

“Women Are Sharing The Things Guys Do That Turn Them Off Immediately And It Is All The Truth There Ever Was.”

Some of my favorite quotes that were listed are:

"Saying they don't order 'girly' drinks. Instead of making them look manly, it just makes them look insecure."

I touched upon this a little bit in an email I wrote last year with the subject line, “My relationship with alcohol.” If I had to choose one alcoholic beverage to drink for the rest of my life, I’d choose Seagram’s Escapes Wine Coolers.

And after hearing that, other men have made snarky comments like, “Oh, you mean the ones that ladies drink?” But all I heard was, “I’m very insecure about my own masculinity.”

But moving on. Here are some of my other favorite quotes:

"Telling me how good you'll take care of me, and how you'll treat me like a princess, goddess, or queen. The more you say it, the more I doubt you'll actually do it."

"Talking about your high school glory days, when you graduated at least ten years ago."

"Claiming to be an 'alpha.'..."

One thing I’m surprised they didn’t mention was men being generally needy. Personally, I’ve interacted with some needy women, and once I sensed they were needy, I burned the bridge because I just didn’t like dealing with them. So I can only imagine what it’d be like to deal with needy men and needy people in business too.

If you’ve dealt with needy salespeople in the past, then you probably know what I mean.

Having that trait does nothing but cripple you. It not only repels the bad customers away, but the good ones too.

So the lesson for the day?

Don’t be needy.

And if you are a needy person and can’t seem to figure out why, well then, you got some thinking to do.

But another thing that requires thinking is implementing my email copywriting teachings in How to Become an Email Titan, which you can find in the link down below.

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