The Company That Tries To Lure New Customers In With $100 Gift Cards

Here's an example of a bad way to get new customers.

I had a pretty interesting morning a few days ago.

My grandpa recently moved to his new apartment and he was given instructions on how to set up the electricity and phone line.

He asked my mom to help set everything up, and later on, she asked me to help out since her English fluency isn’t the best.

She told me she was on the line with a Verizon salesperson.

Now during the phone call, there were a few suspicious red flags that came up:

1. The person on the line who sounded like he’s from India, named Chris which I doubt is his actual name, said I was eligible to win a $100 gift card and all I had to do was pay a one time $4.95 fee.

2. He asked to give my credit card information over the phone. That request alone gave me a bad feeling, but my mom assured me that I’m talking to Verizon. So, I did it.

3. During the call, I typed the phone number my mom called in a search engine, but there was no connection to Verizon.

4. Also during the call, Chris mentioned a certain company name. I looked that up too and saw numerous scam complaints.

As soon as I saw the complaints, I immediately called my credit card company and canceled my card.

After the incident, I did some further research on the company and they seemed like a legit company. The problem was, they were trying to turn me into a new customer in a really unethical way.

Which brings me to this point:

The email copywriting methods I teach in How to Become an Email Titan are not for the people who do business unethically. If you are, you’re better off studying from the phony Internet Business Mentors who are everywhere on YouTube and Instagram trying to make quick bucks off of the people who are just looking for the easy way to success.

If you are the former, here’s the link to the sample chapters.

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