"Pretty Privileges" Are Invalid In Business

Looks can only get you so far in life.

Back in the days when I was a naive teenager, I came across other like-minded teenagers who would complain about good-looking people, that they have unfair advantages in life.

Apparently, there’s even a term for it, which is...

“Pretty Privilege.”

So what are some of the unfair advantages they were speaking of?

Well, from my observations and word-of-mouth:

1. They have better chances of landing a job.

2. They’re more likable and get more attention (Which can be bad). But as a result…

3. They’re naturally more persuasive too.

4. They also have an easier time in the dating game.

Their looks can also work in their favor in the entertainment industry, but only to a certain extent.

For examples:

It doesn’t mean much if you’re a good-looking K-pop star, but your singing and dancing skills are mediocre.

As for modeling, there’s more to it than just sitting or standing there looking pretty for the camera. Learning how to pose and strut down the runway differentiates the mediocre models from the professional ones.

But when it comes to business?

Just like COVID, business does not discriminate unless either you’re picky about who you work with, shallow, a racist, or all of the above.

Which wouldn’t matter because those are some of the many types of un-collaborate-able people I’d shoo away anyways, and so should you for the sake of your customers and your own sanity.

In my opinion, it’s all skill, baby.

And one of the most important ones to have under your belt is marketing, especially email marketing and copywriting.

Which you can learn from my book, How to Become an Email Titan.


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