Investing In Dogecoin While Risking Your Entire Financial Well-being

Would you put every single penny you have into a cryptocurrency that was created as a joke?

Imagine having someone take their life savings, their stock portfolio, loans, and their credit cards and investing them all into Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that was meant to be taken as a joke.

Well, no need to imagine because somebody actually did it.


He did it, and I quote, “Because it’s doge!”

This was a video shown on none other than TikTok, where people, as young as 16, are giving financial advice to their viewers.

Sorry, but to the people who would take their advice and end up losing money in the end, it’s all on you. But if you end up gaining a sackload of money, you deserve that too.

Personally, I’ll stick with the “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” rule because one is a dangerous number, especially in business.

But even if you do diversify or have backup plans in place, you can still get screwed over.

In one of the issues of Dan Kennedy’s No BS Marketing Letter, he talked about the fact that the only secure thing you have in your business is your ability to produce.

To go into more detail, he wrote:

“ had better sustain a very, very serious commitment to maintaining, improving, enhancing and strengthening your own ‘ability to produce’, because, in truth, it is all you’ve got and all you will ever have. Anything and everything else you see around you, you acquire and accumulate, you invest in, you trust in, can disappear in the blink of an eye.”

Very true if you really think about it.

And in my opinion, there’s no better way to practice than to write consistently, everyday ideally, using the email copywriting methods I teach in How to Become an Email Titan.

If you want a personal testimonial, I’ve witnessed how much faster my writing has gotten.

Recently, I’ve been cranking out several 2000 to 3000 word articles to build up my organic web traffic (Finally). Using the productivity methods I’ve mentioned in previous emails, writing and publishing the articles took as quick as three days. Whereas back when I used to work on my old blog, EZPC Building, it would take me two weeks to write out the same length articles.

Not bad of an improvement.

So I can say from experience that not only will the knowledge help you make sales, but also drastically improve your writing.

But like always, it all comes down to putting the knowledge into practice.

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