Use Retractable Belt Stanchions for Your Crowd Control

Retractable belt stanchions are perfect for your crowd control needs.

When you need to make certain people understand where they are supposed to go, retractable belt stanchions are your best friend. These guides are a snap to set up and take down, and they can be organized however you need them. You know what they are; you see them every time you walk into your bank. Use a retractable belt stanchion system for your needs and see why they are so popular with businesses and even planners.

When You Need Crowd Control Outside

If you own a nightclub, movie theater, restaurant with multiple entrances, or other business where people line up to get to inside, you will find these stanchions an important asset to your exterior space. Assume for a moment that you own a movie theater – or perhaps you really do. You can set up a stanchion system that gives people and entrance into the line for the ticket booths, and then an entrance for the lines into the theater. This guides people quickly and easily to their purchase and then your building, which keeps guests on the verge of the missing the start of their show calmer.

Imagine you own a nightclub. You have two entrances. One for your regular patrons and one for your VIPs. When you set up retractable belt stanchions, you give your security guards a huge break in their job. The stanchions guide guests to their appropriate club entrances. Those who only gain access to the club floor are sent through the regular patron stanchion path. VIPs can gain quick and private access to the club through their stanchion path. Your guards simply stand at the front of the stanchion set up and point in the appropriate direction.

When You Need Control Inside

For the movie theater owner, your stanchion use does not stop at the door. You have a snack stand that also requires organization to get people up to the cashiers in an orderly fashion. Guide your patrons quickly to the popcorn and sodas by setting up a stanchion system that is easy to enter, go through, and exit. This keeps the snack bar crowd flowing, which, again, keeps those who arrived at the theater a little late less agitated. They will make their show yet; they just might miss the previews.

For the club owner, stanchions are important to rope off VIP sections and keep people away from your important guests. When the section is roped off, security guards can identify quickly a pest and remove him or her from the premises. You might also use stanchions if you’re a club that allows all ages. When roping off the 21-and-over section, your bartenders can serve your guests more quickly rather than worry about under-aged drinkers attempting to secure alcohol.

The bottom line is retractable belt stanchions can be used outdoors and indoors for maximum crowd control. An additional benefit is they are durable, lightweight, and easy to set up and take down. Simply place the stanchions where you want them and extend the belts inside the poles from pole to pole. Boom! You’ve just cordoned off areas and controlled your crowds.

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