Choosing The Right Courier Service For Your Business

Have you thoroughly verified all your service providers?

From most of our previous blogs, we have mentioned the importance of choosing the right courier service for your business. But how often have you been able to take the time out to understand the gravity of this concept? Have you thoroughly verified all your service providers? Most of all, how do you optimize the need for having a service provider that’s just right for your business? Here are 5 points to consider:

Type of delivery service

What we mean here is that you need to be aware of which delivery service will be just right for your business- this depends on the volume that your business ships on an average. Note that you must consider the service provider that is economical and provides good service. Like if you’re shipping large consignment over long distances, then a regional courier service fits the bill. When it comes to same day delivery or something like within the local area, then naturally a local courier service provider is the best option. Does your business need a warehouse? If so, you need the support a national/ integrated transport company that can meet those needs.


No matter which delivery service provider you choose, you must verify their security policies thoroughly. Start off with verifying their legality. If you’re working with a local courier service provider, are they licensed in your local area? When it comes to verifying their policies, check what means they take to prevent goods damage, the number of on-ground personnel in the warehouse to safeguard your goods and if something gets damaged, what are their ways of reimbursing for it and so forth. Go to the extent of verifying their drivers as well because after all, it’s your business at stake.

Reliability factor

When your company deals with a lot of shipping, we can safely assume that with each package being dispatched, your company’s reputation is on the line. No matter what mistake your courier service provider commits, it is you who has to pay the price in front of your customers. So how do you prevent this? Just ask your service provider one thing- ask him to offer proof of delivery. This is done by most courier service providers, but be extra alert and verify the proof that they give you and justify every bit of their promise. Another thing you can do is search for reviews of the provider online, ask around for a general opinion from past customers of the service provider.

Customer Friendly

This a two-parter. One is how easily you can keep in touch with them in case you need any clarification or need to convey something urgently. Second is how easily are you able to implement those urgent needs of yours. The comes down to how efficient their process is. Like for example, how quick are their invoicing procedures, how do they handle perishable/hazardous goods and ultimately, how well they keep to their promise.


We all know that the price displayed isn’t the price they put on the bill. Before you commit with a courier service provider, ensure that you know all the hidden costs and be aware of what you’re paying for. The price is directly related to the customer experience as well, so if you don’t get a provider suiting your needs, don’t be worried. There’s always eCourierz!

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