Easy Tips To Increase The Efficiency Of Irrigation Systems

Effective use of irrigation systems must be one of your top priorities.

If you are about to purchase irrigation supplies in Perth, you need to understand the best ways to improve their performance first, so that you can conserve water and save more on water bills. The major ways to attain maximum benefits from the irrigation supplies in Perth are discussed here.

- Irrigation controllers

With the help of irrigation controllers, you can restrict the flow of water supply day and night. Irrigation controller works on the basis of zones that are set for certain time and day. And at each zone it allows water to run for a specific period. Therefore, it uses water much lesser than manual irrigation operation.

- Scheduling system

By following a consistent schedule for irrigation, the energy use can be mostly reduced by 7% to 30%. If it is an ET-based scheduling system, you can be assured that your land is not under or overwatered.

- Sprinkler head

It is your duty to make sure that the water is distributed uniformly across the landscaping. A sprinkler head lasts about 7 to 10 years. Pay special attention to the nozzle diameter as it can grow over time, especially with the presence of sand or grit in the water. And can cause increased pumping costs and energy usage. Hence, Check the uniformity of the water application regularly and replace your sprinkler head immediately in case of any damage. This action could also help you reduce wind drift.

- Pipelines

Unlike buried pipelines, the pipelines above the ground often leak because of worn gaskets or holes. As a result, 30% of water could get lost before they reach the discharge point. As such, it is recommended to restore leaking gaskets and seal any holes present in the pipelines.

- Well

In order to reduce the drawdown in your well, you have to measure the static and pumping water levels every year. In that way you can identify if there is any drawdown and take necessary actions to remedy it. The presence of Iron bacteria in the water can result in screen plugging, which would increase the pumping cost. To avoid this, undertake annual chlorination.

- Power rate

Off-peak power rates offer reduced pumping costs in contrast to regular rates. However, it is not advised to use off-peak rates for high-valued crops such as onion and potato. In Perth, irrigation supplies retailers can suggest you which one would work well for your needs.

These tips would surely optimise the water application of your irrigation system.

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