Brand Promotion: How To Increase Visibility?

Good branding boosts business value and helps companies attract potential customers.

A brand is not just about the logo; it’s about a set of unique values that include trust, confidence, and security. Here are seven surefire ways to improve brand awareness and make sure your product remains visible throughout your client’s buying cycle.

Be On Top Of Your Industry List:

Ask a reputed industry blogger to write about your product to increase online visibility. You may also extend your reach with Google ad extensions. Create a video about your product or service - YouTube being the world’s second largest search engine is a great way to earn instant recognition.

Get Influencers To Do A Product Review:

Influencers are a great way to reach new customers and help more people to discover your products. Encourage happy customers to share reviews about your business or product on social media. Positive reviews on social review sites like Yelp (or those relevant to your niche) also contribute towards brand promotion.

Make Bold Out of the Box Statements:

Scotchshield, makers of shatter-resistant glass, recently announced a public stunt challenge by placing $3 million in a box made of glass. The company got publicity, even though the case never contained real money.

Live Your Brand Promises:

You must try to inspire moments of happiness and optimism through your brands and actions. If you’re from a communication sector, you can sponsor free international calls to low-grade foreign workers by setting a phone booth that is designed to operate through your product.

Be Cool With Your Competitors:

The cooler you project your brand, the more likable you seem to others. Did you know that Mercedes-Benz congratulated BMW for completing 100 years of competition? The video went viral leading to significant fan discussions across the globe.

Be A Part Of Something Newsworthy:

Look for instances where you can take a stand on an issue that’s related to the community. But remember to watch the tone of your message - you don’t want to say something that you may regret later.

Offer Marketing Gifts:

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