6 Hacks To Make 2018 A Success For Your Business

7 Tips to Improve Your Small Business Sales - One of the great ways to increase your business sales is content marketing.

Every New Year comes up with much anticipation, hope and optimism for a more successful future.  A recent article, 10 Marketing Tips to Get Your Business Ready for 2017 by George Beall gives some tips to get your business ready for the year 2018. 

1. Set up a Budget Projection.

One of the most essential steps in achieving business targets for the New Year involves projections. Create a monthly estimated net income to determine how much sales and expenses you need to achieve profitability. For instance, if you’re presently renting a traditional office space, you can start looking for furnished offices for rent with complete amenities to help you reduce your expenses.

2. Evaluate your employees.

Conduct employee performance appraisal to ensure you start 2018 with the right workforce. You might also need to hire a new team member or a virtual receptionist to improve efficiency and productivity.

3. Check in With the Team.

Book a meeting room and meet your team for suggestions, comments and concerns to show that you’re willing to present solutions and that you’re thankful for their fruitful contributions for the past year.

4. Check in With Your Customers.

You should be checking in with customers on social media and checking out their product reviews to get an understanding of what keeps them satisfied.  Determine how you can continue to address their needs by providing customers incentives for filling out emailed surveys and writing up reviews.

5. Review your business reputation.

Your business reputation is very critical, so look over crowd-sourced review sites like Yelp and make sure to address negative feedback as best as you can.

6. Update Your Technology.

Review the tools that your business is currently using and sort the applications and software that work from the ones that aren’t.  Ensure to update and upgrade the business tools and software you are using to keep abreast of technology.


These marketing hacks will help you stay afloat in 2018.  You may also be looking for a better business location; hence, YourOffice features a network of world-class business addresses. Each location offers beautifully appointed day offices and team office space that are fully wired and ready for you to move in and start working.

Is your business ready for 2018? Let’s see your comments.  Feel free also to see us on Facebook and Twitter.

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