From Grey Zone to Gaming Zone!

As someone who has just started into the corporate world, corporate parties can not only be an exciting break.

The word ‘corporate’ has very strong connotations. It largely creates a picture in one’s mind, of suits, ties, polished shoes, crisp white shirts, clean shaven faces…and overall, an all-pervading sense of grey. It’s all about that race from cubicles, to cabins and then to that corner office. This entails an endless series of late nights with presentations, consumer insights, market research, and excel sheets, with coffee as your sole saviour. The reward to all of this is of course when you get that big promotion. This however, only leads to another bout of similar endless nights, working for the next big designation. One of the things you indispensably need to not only survive, but actually trump this corporate culture, is a series of regular breaks. These breaks often lead to personal leaves, where executives indulge heavily in travelling, adventure, sports, and even exploring cultures of different countries. Essentially, something that helps them cut completely off from their workplace.

As someone who has just started into the corporate world, corporate parties can not only be an exciting break, but an event to actually look forward to. After all, it’s during these parties, when one gets to meet the bosses behind the closed cabins, network, indulge in champagne and scrumptious food, and over all, just get to be the part of the glam-side of the corporate world. However, as one grows older and has had their fair bite into the corporate world, these parties seem to get duller. Many a times, it starts to feel exactly like your workplace, given the same people at a different venue, having similar conversations. This is when something stronger is needed to make corporate parties what they’re supposed to be- a truly refreshing experience.

Today, a corporate party can’t have the same flow of events- opening with a speech, making toasts, having the same discussions, eating and calling it a night. Jaded minds of the corporate world need a kind of stirring that gives them a strong break. The corporate parties in Ludhiana are making a transformation towards the same. With the opening of a state-of-the-art gaming zone, with hardcore challenges, the executives experience intense adrenaline pump, that truly shakes them up with excitement. They indulge in the wonders of virtual reality, with walking a plank with 50 feet fall on either sides, indulging in physics-challenging rollercoasters, aircraft battles, dirt biking on a platform with six degree freedom, F1 motion simulator and more.

One could also opt for board games- nothing like beating the bosses face to face, right? The large dining area allows for proper bonding, after a thrilling series of gaming activities, over food and drinks. The place provides a beautiful juxtaposition with its simulated sporting and adventure activities amidst Ludhiana’s nature, wildlife and history. It’s an escape into a world of possibilities that keep your heart thumping, taking your mind completely off of board rooms and desktops. Corporate parties in Ludhiana now have a twist that employees look forward to, as much as their big promotion itself.

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