Bed Linen Tips For Hotel Owners

If you want your customers to be happy, keep these tips in mind while choosing bed linen for your hotel.

In the hospitality business, you can ensure your success by choosing quality bed linen. It can make all the difference and determine whether your customers have an average or fantastic stay. A survey reveals that most people go and stay in hotels mainly because of their soft, white bed linen.

If you want your customers to be happy, keep these tips in mind while choosing bed linen for your hotel.

  • Find the best thread count: The thread count usually determines the quality of the bed linen. The more the threads the square inch, the more luxurious the bed linen will feel. A good sheet will have a thread count of 150 will a luxury one will have 200.
  • Choose the right fabric: Thread count is not the only thing to keep in mind while choosing hotel linen. The fabric and weave is equally important. Cotton and linen work well for hotels since both are natural fibers. Although there are different types of cotton available, linen fibers are generally stronger and better for bed linen. They are stronger and allow the skin to breathe.
  • Check the type of weave: Weave of the bed linen is as important as fabric and thread count. The three common types of weaves are percale, jacquard and damask.
  • Coloured or white sheets: Plain sheets are the best bet; however, it is completely a matter of personal choice. You can match the linen to the hotel decor. If you’re unsure about the final look, you can always ask the bed linen manufacturer for a swatch or sample. You can also choose bed runners and cushions to give a more luxurious feel.
  • Bed linen washing guidance: To make your bed linen last longer, follow the below washing tips:

Cotton Bed Linen

  1. Wash before use.
  2. Wash at 50°C or 60°C.
  3. Expect 4-8% shrinkage.
  4. Hot iron when slightly damp to give a crisp finish.
  5. Don’t bleach! This will reduce the life of the product.

Always remember, the hotel bed linen can make all the difference in making your customers feel more comfortable.

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