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How Should I Pick Appropriate Class For Trademark Reg.

66 views |2 August / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by, N/A

A Trademark is a unique identity of a product/ service/ business, expressed through graphical representation, text, color combination, sound, smell, taste or even a name giving a full-fledged definition to a ...

Ike Madu Maigrit Plc A Legendary Entrepreneur

34 views |12 July / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by ike madu, C

Mr. Ike Madu has been a giant leader in the arena of general commerce, financial services, and eWallet for more than 25 years, making him an accomplished director, manager, and project coordinator. B ...

Ike Madu: Some Facts About The Financial Industry

48 views |29 June / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by ike madu, C

Before forming Maigrit PLC and other businesses, I, Ike Madu, have been into the financial industry for over four years. Having worked as a manager and eventually as a Senior Consultant for companies that pr ...

Ike Madu Maigrit Plc: 6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Fail

68 views |27 June / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by ike madu, C

Entrepreneurship is risky. It may either result to success or failure. And no matter how you think you are doing it right, failure will still get in the way. But why are there some people who succeed in the ...

Ike Madu Maigrit Plc: Listening To Win

87 views |15 June / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by ike madu, C

People want to be listened to. If they feel that their feedback is important to you, they would trust you and eventually, you have them for keeps. So being an active listener is one of the steps to skyrocket ...

Ike Madu: 5 Characteristics A Great Leader Must Possess

169 views |13 June / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by ike madu, C

Leaders are far different from managers. Leaders lead and empower people while managers focus on tasks. While it's the manager's role to make sure that a task is done effectively and efficiently, it is a lea ...

Maigrit Plc Ike Madu: Respect - A Key To Success

75 views |14 June / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by ike madu, C

There's no magic with it. It is just the way it is. Respect is the foundation of trust. And most of the times, people will do business with someone who respects them - someone whom they trust. As respect gro ...

5 Indian Women Startups That Received Funds In 2016

87 views |13 June / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by Indian Women Blog, N/A

I often dream of having my own startup, where I can invite people of all races and sects, male and female and young and old. I’d work with them, let them explore their creativity, create a ripple effect in ...

Ike Madu - 6 Effective Ways To Connect With People

76 views |8 June / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by ike madu, C

I, Ike Madu, have mastered building strong relationships and it has helped me a long way in stepping up the corporate ladder from being a consultant to a manager to a director. Connections have made a major ...

Feel The Gulp And Do It Anyway

60 views |19 May / 2017, Business/Entrepreneurship by Pat, C+

“A (wo)man who says (s)he has never been scared is either lying or else (s)he’s never been any place or done anything.” – Louis L’Amour Think of a time in your lif ...

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