Women Entrepreneurs Who Dared To Dream

This International Women's Day, Filingenie salutes women entrepreneurs who dare to dream

If you believe, you can!

“Nothing will work unless you do”-Maya Angelou

The past few years have witnessed a change in the business scenario. Making a mark in the male-centric and aggressive field of business is a number of women entrepreneurs. Willing to take risks along with an unflinching determination to succeed, these women have not given up, making them the successful women of the International Women’s Day.

Entrepreneurship in India is usually perceived as a masculine activity which makes it difficult for women to break into it. But according to the 2016 BNP Paribas Global Entrepreneur Report, in about 18 countries, women entrepreneurs expected the gross profit of their company to either grow or remain stable in 2017. This determination and confidence is a slap on the face of the patriarchal society which tries to control a woman’s agency in all aspects of her life.

The digital revolution has played a major role in promoting and enabling women to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.  With an ease in the herculean task of product marketing, women entrepreneurs are here to stay. Women can now be entrepreneurs even while sitting at home due to the digital outreach. From the financial sector to cosmetics industry to Bollywood; Indian entrepreneurs have made their mark and business for women have certainly boosted northwards and booming since then.

Founder of Nykaa, the online cosmetics portal in India proves that age is not a barrier when it comes to establishing a new business. After gaining an experience of 25 years in the field of financial planning she decided to launch Nykaa, to provide the best of beauty and wellness products to women. The company has been raising undisclosed amounts through funding.

Feel fascinated every time you see the colorful décor and objects from Chumbak? Yeah we all do. But ever wondered how the company came into being in the first place? The credit for this vibrant company goes to Shubhra Chadda who co-founded the business in 2010 with her husband. From selling their house for funding to receiving funding in millions, her company has come a long way to become a favorite amongst the stylish Indians.

The guilty pleasure of almost every Indian is engaging in Bollywood gossip. While some of us may shy away from talk shows for their high levels of pretentiousness, our Bollywood hunger gets satiated with the help of Miss Malini. Believe it or not the blog started out as an outlet for her passion for writing. And Malini who can surely be termed as a blogpreneur now shares the red carpet with the well-known faces of the film industry in India.

Greater economic growth can be cultivated by giving a healthy push to women entrepreneurs. A healthy and innovative business community with women entrepreneurs makes for a vibrant economic system. When it comes to women entrepreneurship, it can’t be a mere facade of bigger startup industry. More than slogans on women empowerment, there is a need to cultivate a sustainable culture for new and innovative business ideas for women.

Women entrepreneurs in India are not just founding businesses that raise millions of funding or make a mark in some swanky financial magazine. They are bringing innovation in services as small as like a beauty salon, home based food service, a restaurant which makes for an entrepreneur.

This International Women’s Day, Filingenie salutes all those women who have found their calling and are willing to take risks to make their dream business come true. For any sort of help regarding starting your own business, visit our website.

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