How To Stop Spam Calls Once And For All

Here are some tips for stopping those pesky spam calls.

We have all been there before – you are right in the middle of doing something important, and then your phone rings. You pause to check the caller ID, and it is an unfamiliar number. Instinctively, you answer it, but instead of a conversation with a friend or family member, you are greeted by an automated message or a scam. Nobody likes spam calls, but they have become an increasing issue in recent years. The good news is that there are steps you can take to stop spam calls once and for all.

Add Your Number to the National Do Not Call Registry

The first step you should take to reduce spam calls is to add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry. This is a free service that was established by the Federal Trade Commission and can help you limit the number of telemarketing calls you receive. Once you have added your number to the registry, you should start seeing a reduction in the number of calls you receive within 31 days.

Use a Call-Blocking App

Another effective way to stop spam calls is to use a call-blocking app. These apps can block calls from known spam numbers, and some even use artificial intelligence technology to identify and block potential spam calls in real-time. There are many call-blocking apps available, and most are free to download and use.

Don't Answer Unknown Numbers

One of the most straightforward ways to avoid spam calls is to avoid answering any call from an unknown or unfamiliar number. If the call is legitimate, the person will likely leave a voicemail or call back later. If it is a spam call, you have avoided wasting your time on an unwanted call.

Be Cautious of Sharing Your Phone Number

When you share your phone number with businesses or online platforms, be cautious of how they will use your number. Many websites will request your phone number to send you promotional texts or calls, which can be a gateway for spam calls. Always check the privacy policy of a business or online platform before sharing your phone number.

Report Spam Calls

Lastly, it would be best if you reported any spam calls you receive. You can do this by reporting the call to the National Do Not Call Registry or the Federal Trade Commission. Reporting the spam call can help law enforcement take action against scam callers and help protect others from becoming victims.

Spam calls can be incredibly irritating and time-consuming, but there are ways to stop them once and for all. By adding your number to the Do Not Call Registry, using a call-blocking app, being cautious of sharing your number, not answering unknown numbers, and reporting spam calls, you can effectively reduce the number of spam calls you receive. Don't let spam calls interfere with your day – take action today!

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