How Radio Remote Control Is Used For The Eot Crane?

The radio remote control is electronic equipment that works wirelessly to manage and control the EOT crane.

What is radio remote control :

Many of us have seen the overhead crane which is used at many places like industrial sectors, building construction, and many more places. This type of overhead crane is controlled by the wired electric systems or wireless systems. Though many of the cranes work at a very high distance above the head so there is wireless remote control is used.

The radio remote control is electronic equipment that works wirelessly to manage and control the EOT crane. This type of device uses two units for communication and they are transmitter and receiver. The transmitter and receiver work on the radio waves technology systems. The radio remote control for crane generates artificial radio waves to communicate with the end receiver. 

The overhead crane can be moved in a specific direction with the help of transmitter devices like long travel, cross travel, and hoist. The hoist is part of an overhead crane that is used for loading and unloading heavy materials objects.

How crane remote control perform:

The transmitter and receiver are the two main components while sending and receiving the signal for communication. The transmitter device is used to send the signal in a protected form while the receiver is used for receiving the signal through the antenna toward it has. The transmitter device can be controlled from one hand that is controlled by the ground operator and the receiver is attached to the overhead crane.

Whenever the EOT crane remote control communicates with the receiver the data is always sent in the encrypted form. And this encrypted data is decoded by the receiver after receiving the signal. Due to the encryption technique, it provides safety from external interruption so that data cannot be hacked easily by anyone.

While communicating with the receiver the transmitter monitors many things like how many data packets are sent to the receiver, the lost packet, the number of successful transmission of data, the signal quality, the range of a signal, the communication gap between the transmitter and receiver. The hopping frequency technology is used by the transmitter and receiver to avoid unwanted interference. 

The crane remote control device has many push buttons like on, off, left, right, forward, reverse, up, and down buttons. These buttons have the feature of the interlocked system in a pair. That means two adjacent buttons cannot be used at the same time. If an up button is pressed we cannot use the down button and we have to keep press the up button until it reaches the destination.

Why choose the wireless remote control for overhead crane:

The crane remote control works on wireless technology and uses a battery or charging system. Because of this, the operator man doesn't have to go inside the cabin of the overhead crane. The overhead crane can be controlled from a long distance from 10 meters to around 200 meters. It is cost-effective since it works on the wireless system so it removes the need for wired systems.

The transmission of a signal between the transmitter and receiver is 10 times in a second which is very fast as compared to the wired systems. The transmitter device can work at a very low battery condition also. The battery used for the transmitter is durable and can last long up to 6 months.

The wireless remote control for overhead crane adjusts the power according to the distance that means if the distance between the transmitter and receiver is less then it consumes less power and if the distance is more, then it takes the energy high.


The industrial crane is managed by both the technology wired and wireless systems. But the wired technology is costly than wireless systems and has fewer features than the crane remote control device. And hence many industries are using the wireless remote control for the crane.

The leading manufacturer and supplier of crane remote control systems in India are Anand Systems Engineering Private Limited. Built quality of radio remote control device by the Anand systems are top class. They are highly optimized and customized according to their use.

The device is made in such a way that it provides the feature of durability and can be used for a longer time. The battery life of the transmitter is also long which is around 6 months. For more information about the wireless remote control for overhead crane and crane remote control price visit the official website now.

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