Everything you Need to Know About Ajax Gas Compressor

With around 130 years of distinguished presence in engines, and around fifty years of acclaimed products in gas compressors

The Ajax brand needs very little by way of introduction. Every Ajax gas compressor owes its performance to the compact design, right operating speed and large compressor cylinder valve that is typical and unique from other models.  The oil and gas industry has traditionally relied on and trusted the Ajax gas compressor to meet requirements critical for operations. And here is why this compressor differs and excels over other models.

More movement per horsepower

By virtue of their large compressor surface area, every Ajax gas compressor is better equipped to move a greater volume of gas for every horsepower. This remains unmatched across other models, due to the simple fact that larger surface area will permit the movement of a larger volume of air. Additionally, what needs to be understood is the fact that the large compressor will convert the effort of movement into lesser heat as compared with other models. This improves the efficiency of the compressor.

Flexible field replacement options

One of the greatest advantages of such gas compressors is the option to replace the cylinder liners on field so as to either increase or reduce the cylinder bore depending on the requirements. The reciprocating compressors are uncomplicated permitting reconfiguration as per requirements with great ease. It is always a cheaper option to replace cylinder liners than the cylinders themselves. The similar size of cylinders allow the use of uniform piping materials.

Optimize efficiency through slow operating speed

In gas compressors, the slow turning speed improves the efficiency. Compression efficiency in reciprocating gas compressors increases as turning speed decreases. Not only is the efficiency optimized, it also extends the life of the compressor. A compressor that turns faster is bound to wear out faster calling for replacement of parts in frequent cycles, and leading to eventual end of lifecycle of the compressor. An Ajax gas compressor, benefits from its slow turning speed to have an extended lifecycle.

Clean burning with reduced emissions

The need of the hour is to ensure that the environment does not get abused. This calls for equipment and machines that burn fuel cleanly. Every Ajax gas compressor is a design marvel, contributing to lesser emissions from operations and burning fuel cleanly and thoroughly.  The incorporation of novel designs in the exhaust expansion chamber help to drastically reduce emission while offering more fresh air from the cylinder. Cutting down on Nitrogen Oxide or NOx has been a priority for Ajax, which can be seen in the innovative designs.

Camerons Compressions Systems, the manufacturers of Ajax gas compressors, have the unrivalled backing of experience straddling two centuries. This accumulation of knowledge and experience can be seen in the performance of the gas compressors manufactured. The first choice of the oil and gas industry sector, Ajax has lived up to its reputation through innovative and continuous improvement of products and designs.

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