What To Look For In Data Center Server Racks

What To Look For In Data Center Server Racks

What To Look For In Data Center Server Racks

Rack server are computers designed to be installed in the data center in cabinetsor metal framework and is a part of server colocation. The rack consists of multiple sections, each constructed in a similar pattern to equip a unit of computer servers. An assortment of servers are mounted on top of another that are firmly secured in place.

With the increasing need for computing power in the data center and a growing premium on floor space—especially in light of a stagnating economy—the solution is often to “build up" your data center in rack. Thus, companies often increase density in their facilities by stacking servers, typically using some variation of a server rack. But is a server rack just a piece of metal without much differentiation from product to product?

Benefits Of Datacenter Server Rack Cabinets:-

  • Increased Performance:If you want your servers to work properly you need constant airflow. If something obstructs the flow of air to a server, then the performance will be greatly reduced, the temperature will increase and you may face the overheating of your server. Server rack cabinets are designed to keep your servers and other IT equipment securely in place and to maximize airflow. If the airflow is your priority, purchase the server rack with a cooling system.
  • Easy Maintenance: If you keep your servers and other IT equipment stored on server racks, they will be easy to maintain. Cables will be organized (so, no more tangling) and every component of your network will be in the right place, thanks to the exceptional design of server rack cabinets. Server racks allow you or an IT technician to easily solve any network-related problem in time to ensure impeccable network performance.
  • Increased Security: All of these features will help you get the most out of the servers. It’s difficult to recommend just one server rack cabinet style because they can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. Here are just some of the features that can be either added or removed to ensure you get the right server rack.

Datacenter in racks have revolutionized IT facilities by separating cold supply from the hot exhaust air emitted by equipment. The result is a stable air temperature to the intake of IT devices as well as a dry and warmer return air toward the AC coil. Data center racks are commonly organized in a hot aisle cold aisle containment manner that reduces energy use and improves equipment performance. Since there won’t be hot spots, equipment uptime will no longer be threatened. This also boosts air efficiency, creates energy savings, increases rack population and elongates hardware life.

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