Roll Forming Procedure For Metal Shaping

Roll forming can be done to many different types of high-strength materials.

Roll forming is a type of metal forming procedure where the metal sheet passes through a series of roll stands that change the shape of the metal sheet. It’s also called as a metal shaping procedure. Everything you see or use in the modern society, starting from household tools to complex automobiles and industrial parts and products, is produced by metal forming process.

The method of Roll Forming can be spoken and written as one word (as ‘rollforming’) or two separate words (as ‘roll forming’), both meaning the same. Roll forming can be done to many different types of high-strength materials. All materials that can be bent can be roll formed as well.

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The Process of Roll forming

Roll forming is actually a continuous process where the sheet goes through a profile bending mechanism that involves a series of roll stands to apply pressure on the sheet to shape it to the desired form. Each stand consists of set of consecutive rolls. The roll forming machine has thus several sets of rolls where each set bends the sheet only slightly, until the last set of rolls manipulates it form the desired cross-section. When you need to form long parts of the tools of objects, roll forming is usually the way to go.

You can obtain different cross-section profiles (the cross-section profile simply means the desired shape of the sheet) through roll forming. However, it’s important to note that one roll forming machine forms only one cross-section profile meaning only one shape of sheet. You cannot get varied forms of the sheet out of the same roll forming machine. In order to obtain different shapes you would need a new carefully crafted set of roll tools. Roll forming machines are mostly used in industrial jobs, and most industrial operations such as automobile plants and factories producing aluminum cans need the same bends in the metal sheet.

Roll forming applies gentle pressure on the material, so there is no big wear on the tools. The tools along with the entire roll forming method are designed through a computer software program before the production of the final cross-section. Roll forming is done to the sheets to meet the required profiles that do not need further refinement, and are ready to be used immediately in the production line.

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