What Are The Best Features Of Crm Software?

What Are The Best Features Of Crm Software?

Customer is indeed the king. More so in the hospitality industry. While the big players in the field already have a firm foundation of reputation built over the years, it is the comparatively newer and smaller establishments that need an impetus to make their own mark. While there is a lot that goes into making any establishment a known name, an important facet is undoubtedly customer relationship management. Today, with the latest advancements in technology, customer management can easily be done digitally. Traditional methods, regardless of being proven, are nonetheless time-consuming as well as prone to errors and lapses. It is here that Customer Relationship Management or CRM comes in. Most companies that provide software solutions for CRM architecture also have on their panel a well-qualified and experienced relationship manager as well.

CRM software uses data analysis in order to get an overview of each of the customers. Data is collected from a number of sources, such as – telephone, website, direct e-mail, marketing materials, social media and live chats. All data collected is then put together and thoroughly analysed in order to come up with customer relationship management strategies. As the needs and requirements of every establishment differ, CRM software can be fully customized and tailor-made to suit individual specifications. Often, a Free Trial is offered for a limited time period so that any person contemplating purchasing the software can get a hands-on experience of the same prior to the actual purchase.

The main features of CRM software include –

  • A multi-channel way of approaching your customer through a variety of means at your disposal. The facility of visitor tracking and e-mail analytics lets the owner be aware of what exactly the customers are seeing and responding to.

  • Full customization.

  • Complete automation of all the processes, streamlining the entire procedure and doing away with glitches and bottlenecks.

  • Use of Macros and Workflows, which helps to bring each and every member of the team on the same page. When everyone is fully aware of everything, synchronization is hassle-free.

  • Analyses of sales performance with the help of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. Such KPIs aid in gaining insight into which process is not performing up to the mark as well as finding out the processes that are working to their optimum level.  

By streamlining all the processes into a cohesive whole, CRM software does away with all lapses and duplicate entries.

With CRM software, managing any small-sized or mid-sized establishment in the hospitality industry can easily be done right from the screen of a mobile phone itself. With companies forwarding real-time updates and alerts straight to the owner, much of the hassle in management is effectively done away with.


With a well-developed CRM architecture in place, customer management is indeed a smooth process. Happy customers, in turn, convert into a loyal customer base eventually. At Tie Win, we use latest advancements in technology along with innovative solutions to bring to you CRM software that is both cost-effective as well as easy to understand and operate.

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