"Don't Be A Secret Agent"

Your business isn't going to go anywhere if you keep it a secret.

Last week, I had a lovely coffee chat with a real estate agent in Connecticut.

If my memory serves me correctly, he might be the first real estate agent I got acquainted with.

But it was definitely one of the more fun coffee chats I had.

This guy was a huge law of attraction person, and our conversation got to the point where he shared his vision board with me. And if it wasn’t so inconvenient, I would’ve offered to share mine as well.

As we reached the end of our call, he left off with this piece of advice:

“Don’t be a secret agent.”

It’s a secret agent’s job to do what they have to do without letting anyone know they’re behind it.

Think of Men In Black.

An agency that polices alien refugees living on Earth making sure they coexist peacefully with humans without the humans knowing.

Once in a while, aliens would invade Earth and wreak havoc, which would expose the fact that extraterrestrial life exists. But once the Men In Black handle the situation, they use a memory-erasing device on everyone who encountered the alien invader. So they have no memory of encountering aliens and the Men in Black. Plus, when agents retire from the agency, their memories get wiped as well.

Therefore, the Men In Black agency truly stays a secret. Yet they receive no credit for the work they do for the planet.

For a huge task, like handling extraterrestrial life, that has the potential to cause worldwide panic, maybe it’s better off they stay a secret.

But if you keep yourself and your business a secret from the public, it’s doomed to fail.

That’s why people put so much effort into social media marketing, networking, and just promoting themselves to anyone and everyone. Because at the end of the day, customers and clients won’t come to you until you put yourself out there.

Attending networking events, trade shows, and other live events are all great ways to do so.

If you want an online alternative, Lunchclub is a good choice. That’s the platform I’ve been using for almost all my quality coffee chats.

You can get instant access by using my invite link below.


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