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Robotic Automation – A Threat To The Call Center Industry

110 views |21 March / 2017, Business/Outsourcing by Abhishek Singh, N/A

In the customer service arena, human resources have been an asset for a long time but as we progress in the field of technology, a whole industry and its work resources are facing the threat of extinction. E ...

8 Quick Ways To Make Your Small Business Profitable

109 views |15 February / 2017, Business/Outsourcing by Sandra Lee, C-

It doesn’t make much of a difference, whether you're a 1 individual small business or 100+ workers organisation, growing in the right direction should be your target. Organisations cannot stay static. Your ...

Attributes Of Professional Translation Services In Mumbai

306 views |25 April / 2014, Business/Outsourcing by RCharls, N/A

Professional translation services in Mumbai has taken some great strides in a positive direction for the betterment of everyone. The internet was always meant to be a place that helps to connect the world br ...

Outsourcing Human Resources Could Be the Best Thing For Your Business in The New Year

471 views |28 November / 2012, Business/Outsourcing by Efrain Sutton, N/A

No matter how much automation you've built into your business, chances are good that you just haven't been able to eliminate the human element involved. There's nothing wrong with that at all -- many busines ...

Save Time & Money by Outsourcing Your Payroll

534 views |11 September / 2012, Business/Outsourcing by Shaneh Woods, N/A

An incredible amount of time is spent on payroll. Business owners are required to make several calculations every time the pay period ends, and they must be correct or else they will be contacted by the go ...

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