Why Should You Buy A Portable Spa In Nz?

A woman enjoying a dip in her portable spa.
A woman enjoying a dip in her portable spa.

Did you know that buying a portable spa in NZ can promote good physical and mental health?

Did you know that as well as adding an element of luxury to your outdoor space, buying a portable spa NZ can promote good physical and mental health? A detachable and transportable spa pool is a relatively low-cost alternative to a built-in hard-shell hot tub! Imagine taking this relaxation haven everywhere, even if you move houses! If you haven't been introduced to these portable tubs before, this article is for you. Let's define how it's different from a fixed spa.

What are portable spas?

Portable spas are self-contained tubs that operate above ground. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor relaxation, providing a satisfying and relaxing hydrotherapy session like a traditional jacuzzi tub. These tubs have back seats and lounge seats. They have built-in heaters and jet pumps to deliver a soothing experience. Some spas feature aluminium frames for a minimalist, modern design, whilst others come in charming cedar cladding to fit a more natural theme. A portable spa comes in different shapes, sizes, designs, and materials. Depending on these factors, a portable tub can fit two to eight people.

Should you purchase a portable spa?

Now that you know what makes portable spas unique, you may wonder: should you buy a portable spa pool for your home? The following benefits can help you make this decision.

Relieves Stress

A portable tub can deliver a therapeutic experience, instantly melting away stress and invigorating your body. Think about stepping and settling into your new portable jacuzzi and warm water immediately enveloping your body. Feel the comfortable heat instantly easing the tension caused by an exhausting day. Imagine the gentle pressure of cascading water streams from the jets, massaging and kneading your sore muscles.

Promotes Better Sleep

For people suffering from insomnia or those struggling to maintain a good amount of sleep, a relaxing evening spa offers a life-changing experience. Unwinding and recharging in the embrace of warm, gently cascading water can stimulate endorphins. The mood-regulating effect of these hormones can impact the quality of your sleep as they create a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Alleviates Muscle and Joint Pain

Portable tubs provide effective hydrotherapy to help people with recurring or chronic muscle and joint pain. The warm water relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation in the sore areas of the body; buoyancy from immersing your body in water can temporarily reduce pressure on your joints and prevent muscle exertion; the gentle pressure from the jets releases muscle tension and relieves pain.

Boosts Overall Health and Wellness

Installing a portable spa at home allows you and your household affordable and easy access to healthy relaxation. Regular dipping into the tub to experience its therapeutic effects can promote a balanced wellness for the body and mind.

Ready to invest in your first portable spa?

Investing in your first transportable pool can be one of the best gifts you'll ever give to you and your family. Of course, you can only enjoy these mental and physical health benefits if you choose the best tub units from a trusted New Zealand provider. Buy portable tubs in NZ from a licensed supplier to enjoy product warranties and guarantees. Most importantly, purchasing it from a locally owned and operated vendor ensures comprehensive pre- and post-sales services. What are you waiting for? Talk to your local provider and experience restorative relaxation and tranquillity from the comfort of your home!

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