3 Industrial Parks with a Difference

How often have you driven past an industrial site and though Wow, that is a great industrial estate! I would imagine that it would not be that often. Most are just squares of brick, concrete, and met

How often have you driven past an industrial site and thought "Wow, that is a great industrial estate!"  I would imagine that it would not be that often. Most are just squares of brick, concrete, and metal, designed to be functional, rather than inspiring. Business goes on here, no matter what the buildings look like. The same is true of most estates around the world, but there are some industrial estates and business parks, that may be worth bringing to your attention. Below I have mentioned some that are, at least, a little bit different.

Silicon Valley

To call this an industrial estate, may seem a little unfair, but that is what it is.  It is a world famous area, near San Francisco, which consists of some of the best known and innovative companies in the electronics, and information industries. New ideas seem to be born there every few years, and the number of highly qualified workers who earn their living in Silicon Valley, is higher than any other comparable estate. With companies such as Google, Apple, and Yahoo among those that are based there, you can see how this estate is home to many of the most forward thinking businesses on the planet.

Healam Bridge

This industrial estate is nowhere near as famous as Silicon Valley, but it is important for other reasons. This historical industrial estate dates back over 2,000 years, and the estate is thought to have supplied everything that was required by the famous Roman 9th legion. From food supplies to building materials, everything was manufactured alongside the legion's fort. Among the discoveries made, were mills to prepare flour, and factories to make pottery, brew beer, and process meat. The estate was discovered by accident, when work was being carried out to upgrade a British road, and has given an insight into the life of British workers under Roman rule.

Suzhou Industrial Park

This is an industrial park with a difference. Located in Suzhou, in China, it is a joint effort by the governments of China and Singapore, to develop a new kind of industrial park. The Chinese saw how successful Singapore had become at developing its businesses and workforce, and wanted to use their experience to develop China. The Suzhou industrial park was developed, not only to help businesses, but to also educate a workforce. When it originally opened in 1994, the 288 km squared site already had a higher education town situated in its center. The education town contains many universities, and they have already produced a generation of workers, who will help to improve the future of their country. The number of learning institutions is consistently growing, and they are even becoming international partnerships. This is an industrial park that the world could learn from.

Industrial estates and business parks are not the identical landscapes we imagine, they actually come in many different guises, and offer different services. They will never be as interesting as Saint Paul's Cathedral, but they are not trying to be. They are trying to give businesses the chance to operate efficiently, and that is what they are doing all over the world.

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